Cops Say Video Shows Parents Adding Drug to Milkshake for 13-Year-Old Daughter to Sexually Abuse Her


A couple is accused of sexually abusing their daughter for years after police said they found a video of them adding cough syrup to a milkshake and indicating they usually add oxycodone.

The horrifying accusations were made by their 13-year-old daughter after she was found wandering along a Texas highway near San Antonio.

Ashley Thomley (32) and Christopher Thomley (39) reported their daughter missing on Tuesday.

Schertz Amazon Fulfillment Center called the police after a young girl overtook Interstate 35 alone. She claimed that she had been abused for six years. Some of these abuses were documented.

An investigator raided the house of the couple to find a disturbing video.

“During this video that we saw, Christopher actually commented, ‘well shoot, we forgot the oxycodone,’ so that tells me that not only was this half a bottle of cough suppressant on this tiny little body enough for these depraved maniacs, they were lamenting the fact that they forgot the other prescription medication that they were going to give her as part of this cocktail,” said Sheriff Javier Salazar to the media.

Salazar said that the girl had been homeschooled. Police did not find video evidence of the abuse, but they suspect that there might be other victims of the alleged abuse.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested the couple and charged Christopher Thomley with continuous child abuse and Ashley Thomley with child endangerment.

Child Protective Services currently cares for the little girl.

This is a video taken from the local news regarding the horrible accusations.