Justice Department Sues Republican Arizona Governor Over Shipping Container Border Wall


The U.S. Department of Justice sued the Republican Arizona governor. Doug Ducey was accused of placing shipping containers at Arizona’s southern border to discourage illegal migrant crossings.

Ducey began filling in the gaps in the border wall with shipping containers in August. After the Department of Justice objected, Ducey filed suit to preserve the container wall.

He said that Arizona was protesting for the sake of its citizens. It is important not to ignore the safety and security concerns Arizonans have. Arizona will complete the job Joe Biden has refused: Secure the border in all possible ways. ”

On Wednesday, the Arizona Department of Justice filed suit against the state alleging that it violated the Constitution.

According to the lawsuit, “Arizona was notified by Reclamation and the Forest Service that it was violating federal lands.” “It also stated that it would continue to trespass on federal lands and will add more shipping containers. ”

Ducey was also accused of violating the Constitution’s Supremacy clause. This clause says that federal laws will prevail over state laws in case of conflict.

Ducey said that 130 shipping containers had been stacked along a length of 3,820 feet.

Wednesday’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom said that California is facing a fiscal crisis due to the large number of illegal immigrants it has received from the federal government.

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