Corporate Media Blames Diaper Shortage on Anti-Abortion Politics


Americans recently faced a shortage of diapers in the most technologically advanced nation in history, the country that sent a man to Mars.

Yahoo Finance’s top investigators blame anti-abortion activists, COVID-19, and other anti-abortion groups for this seemingly impossible problem.

Many American families are without the essential supplies they need to ensure their children’s well-being. This includes food and clothing. Anti-abortion centers (AACs) may misrepresent their services as households seek help from non-profit organizations.

Yahoo Finance reports that anti-abortion groups mislead pregnant women about how many diapers they should give if their baby’s health is good.

Heartbeat International, an AAC company, claimed it had supplied 1.85 million people with baby supplies in 2019. Heartbeat International, an AAC firm, claimed that it had provided 1.85 million people with baby supplies in 2019. They use the money to pay overhead costs, to pay salaries, and to do other things that don’t help those most in need.

The National Diaper Network says it is not their fault. The National Diaper Network estimates that roughly one-third of American families can’t afford diapers to keep their babies clean and dry.

This logic leads to the conclusion that one-third of all children’s families wouldn’t be in this position if anti-abortion activists hadn’t misled them about diaper availability. They would have had to abort their babies if they knew about diaper availability.

This stuff makes dystopia look like the end of the world and the Mad Max World of science fiction.


If the diaper situation was in a functional condition, one would ask, “How can we manage this crisis to find basic materials and solve our problem?” Instead, the answer is “Just don’t have children,” peasant. Netflix and smartphones are yours. There are many things you can do to make your life easier.