Cotton Condemns Jean-Pierre’s Shameful Remark Blaming Republicans for Nashville Christian School Shooting


Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., slammed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for placing blame on Republican lawmakers for the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday, when a 28-year-old transgender former student allegedly gunned down three 9-year-olds and three adults.

The worst thing about blaming Republicans is blaming a transgender killer who attacked a Christian school. Cotton responded on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday to Jean-Pierre with the words “Shameful”.

Jean-Pierre stated that “What I will tell Republicans at Congress is: What are you going to say to these parents?” “What are you going to say to these family members? This cannot continue.

She declared, “It’s enough, enough, enough. ” “This president has taken the most executive actions on gun violence safety than any president before him, and done this in two years. ”

“But guess what? As we’re seeing, we need to do more,” she continued. “And I’ve heard this theme throughout the show this morning, which is courage. We need Republicans in Congress to show some courage. This is what they owe these parents. This is what they owe these family members who are losing their loved ones. They need to show courage.”

“We have to create comprehensive gun safety laws. We need to ban assault rifles. Those weapons of war do not belong in our streets. They do not belong in schools,” she added.