Manhattan Grand Jury Targeting Trump Just Imploded With News of a Long Hiatus


Is Donald Trump still being indicted? All information regarding Donald Trump was positive up until recently. But, new information from the Manhattan grand jury, which targets the former president, paints a completely different picture.
Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s DA, has been following Trump through a never-before tested legal theory. He is reviving an old investigation that was shuttered many times. This case concerns a hush-money payment that Stormy Daniels received nearly two decades ago. The grand jury will decide whether Trump violated New York’s record-keeping laws by not classifying this payment as a campaign expense. Bragg also wants to make what was a misdemeanor a felony by bypassing the statutes of limitations.

The grand jury and prosecutors may be coming to terms that the whole ordeal is a farce. A new report claims that the grand jury has taken a one-month hiatus (Washington Examiner).

According to reports, the Manhattan grand jury that is investigating Donald Trump’s alleged 2016 hush money payment is on a month-long hiatus.

According to Politico, the grand jury will be taking a one-month break, which would put Trump’s indictment date at late April.

According to the report, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg may be responsible for convening grand juries during scheduled breaks if he wishes them to meet earlier.

Politico reported that this was pre-planned. But, the DA can control when grand juries convene and force them to meet at any time. There is no chance that he would send the grand jury home if they were within a month of an indictment.

This likely means that the grand jury does not favor an arrest at this stage, and Bragg will have to work hard to support his case during the month-long break. It’s unlikely that the facts of this case will alter enough to change the trajectory. The prospects are not good for the Democrat fever dream.

Strangely, Trump is not benefiting or hurt by this. Since the news of the indictment, there has been a strong “rally around persecuted” effect in the 2024 Republican primaries. If Trump is not in legal danger, the conversation could turn to policy and personality, which would make it more competitive. It will be interesting, no matter what happens.