Cracker Barrel Joins Pride Month Wave, Sparks Suicide Concerns


You may not like it, but it’s inevitable. When a conservative, rock-ribbed corporation expands into purple or blue states and cities, progressive mafias will eventually get the company to bow to its cultural priorities.

Cracker Barrel’s corporate staff doesn’t seem to understand the audience.

This is less about corporate pride than it is about the betrayal that Cracker Barrel has committed to its core customers who do not support the LGBT rainbow movement.

It’s as if they are deliberately spitting into their customers’ faces.

Perhaps. The comments on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page range from “I will never eat Cracker Barrel ever again” to “I avoided Cracker Barrel but now that everyone has been included, I’ll go there.” I recently traveled through the South and had a few Cracker Barrels on the way. All I saw was the standard rocking chair and American flag bunting. This display was not at any of my stops. Although they’re happy to promote this on social networks, most Cracker Barrel customers probably haven’t looked at it. And the stores can choose “Yah or “Nah”, according to their displays.

You can find Pride bunting and rockers in Gilbert, Arizona or Portland, Oregon.

Oh, wait…

Cracker Barrel’s diversity drive isn’t new and it doesn’t stop with the exterior decor.

Cracker Barrel’s goal to be more inclusive isn’t hidden. On their website, they have a tab for “diversity” and “inclusion”.

Our mission is to please people every day. We must ensure that each member of our staff and every guest feel at home and cared for as if they were family. They should also feel like they belong. As part of the People Promise, we also strive to create a sense of belonging.

Our teams strive to create a welcoming culture that is inclusive, respectful, and welcoming to all who walk through our doors. Our food and décor celebrate the warm memories of our past. And, with our inclusive culture, we can create a brighter future together. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store does not tolerate discrimination.

What about those rainbow rockers, then? They developed them in 2018. Nashville, Tennessee is the birthplace of many initiatives affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

Curious, but… not.

This tab includes information on partnering with HBCUs, more diverse businesses, and hiring a diverse workforce. What is that expression? What’s that expression? We are learning that many corporations, including the so-called Christian ones started down this DEI path years ago. They thought it wouldn’t hurt to be more “inclusive” and sensitive. Not only would they get off their state regulators’ backs, but it could also bring in a new customer base which would potentially increase their profits. We continue to see the collapse of Anheuser-Busch, and Target. The evidence shows that throwing your core customer base under the bus to satisfy a social agenda, is not only a marketing 101 failure but also a failure to remain loyal to those who made you what you are.

Cracker Barrel has decided to dance with other companies. They may soon be the next ones to do so.

Watch the suicide watch in just 3…2…1…