Violent Antifa Agitator Identified as ‘Pro-LGBTQ Protester’ Arrested for Attacking Parents in Glendale, CA


Parents gathered outside the Glendale school board meeting to protest the attempts to mainstream LGBTQ ideology in the classroom. They had previously demonstrated outside an elementary school. Antifa was then called to confront the parents at the meeting on June 6th.

It wasn’t just in passing that my colleague included that fact in his report. So many in the community are from Armenia, and they bring with them solid traditional, conservative values:

Glendale has a heavy Armenian-American presence—in fact, it has more Armenians than any city outside of Armenia itself, and some estimates show that the city’s population is 40 percent Armenian. Many Armenians have traditional values and don’t take kindly to having progressivism shoved down their throats.

The values of families and cultures are deeply rooted.

The Daily Signal’s latest report investigates the transgenderism that is taking place in Glendale United School District.

The Daily Signal received several emails from Glendale administrators encouraging their staff to tell students everyone is “queer”, or “socialist”.

Parents also claim that the school district allows boys who claim to be transgender to share lockers and bathrooms with girls.

Their article may dispel progressives’ myths about transphobia. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, we spoke to a teacher who had been suspended for speaking out at a board meeting. Although this teacher is gay, he seems to have a good reputation among students and colleagues.

Ray Shelton was wearing a T-shirt that read “Make Biology Great Again” when he addressed the Glendale Unified District Board of School.

Shelton is a Mark Keppel Elementary School teacher who has been named twice “Teacher of the Year” by the Glendale School District. She won the Golden Oak Award this year from the PTA.

Shelton, who is gay, revealed his plans to speak on April 18 at the Glendale School Board meeting in an exclusive interview. He stated that he wished to “share basic and commonsense truths”.

Shelton spoke to the school council about:

It is a myth that two plus two equals four. There is no flat earth. Girls have vaginal tissues, boys have penises. Heterosexuality is not the same as hatred.

Transgenderism is anti-woman and anti-gay. The transgender ideology is anti-human and misogynistic. It wants to eliminate the rights and sports of women.

I am a gay male and can tell you that the gay community…

The interview is continued as follows:

Shelton stated that he displayed during the meeting four “Progress Pride Flags” in an orderly fashion to form a Swastika.

After Shelton had spoken, “someone muted Shelton’s mic and an official told the teacher that his time was up.” ”

A teacher who later praised another speaker in the meeting on social media claimed that Shelton was a Nazi by holding up a sign ridiculing transgender activists as fascists.

Shelton was reported to have received a written communication the day after the meeting by The Signal. Kristine Tonoli and an administrator of the Glendale School District visited him in his classroom.

Shelton said The Daily Signal that he had received a notice of suspension, pending the outcome of an investigation. This was in response to “several complaints” against him.

The teacher said that the district of Glendale only sent him complaints after he left. The teacher claimed that all the complaints he received from the Glendale district came after his leave.

After the April 19 classroom meeting, Shelton was instructed to return to school only with a Human Resources Office representative.

Let’s return to the protest on Tuesday. Hoge referred to violence against parents when “left-wing extremists” were present.

Both sides were severely affected by “Antifa”, the left-wing extremists. Police were present in large numbers and violently separated combatants to prevent serious injuries.

Someone shouts, “Do not engage!” “Step back. ”

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist who shared via Twitter new information that identified the Antifa activist arrested for violence against a peaceful protest by parents.

Ngo writes

Erik Boyd was born in Los Angeles on October 2, 1987. He was one of several violent suspects arrested outside of the Glendale School Board meeting. A bail of $10,000 was quickly covered. In riot gear, he was prepared to attack Armenian-American parents @gusdparents.

He has repeatedly attacked me online

Ngo confirms that Boyd is a Los Angeles Antifa member. He gives some information about the group.

A commenter shared an amazing clip of Boyd screaming that he only tried to defend him while the police handcuffed him.

Ngo’s latest update on Thursday reported that the violent extremist was “quickly freed” on bail. This is likely to increase the anger of Glendale parents and those who care about the rule of law, or Soros DAs.