Crestfallen Joe Scarborough Waxes Pathetic About ’98 Midterms and ‘Glorious Night’ for Democrats


Even the orchestra on board the Democrat Titanic knows that Tuesday night will be the end of a horrible, terrible, no good, very poor day — and an entire midterm campaign — by Democrats. Joe Scarborough, co-host of “Morning Joe”, wistfully harkened to the “glorious evening” of the 1998 midterm elections.

Democrats are blessed with a “glorious night”, of course.

Yep, America. NewsBusters noted that Joe Scarborough’s transformation of hardcore conservative to partisan Democrat hack by Mr. Mika Brzezinski is complete.

Scarborough laughed as he recounted how Rush Limbaugh’s prediction that Republicans would win big 1998, Bill Clinton’s Year of Monica Lewinsky, was incorrect. Instead, Democrats were able to enjoy that “glorious evening,” Scarborough said with a pathetic smile.

Rush Limbaugh was yelling, and he was laughing at these Democrats. They’re already circling each other’s wagons. They are already there, because the newspapers were stuffed with opinion-eds claiming that we will lose badly in ’98, since we have allowed Bill Clinton to place a moral stain upon our party. […] Congress will wipe us out. Because polls showed that Democrats would be wiped out.

Republicans laughed and said, “This is what you should get.” We drove Newt Gingrich from town three days later. It was a wonderful night for Democrats in 1998. It’s impossible to predict what might happen. It’s impossible to predict what might happen, are you not?

Calm down, big boy.

Joe, it’s interesting to note that Democrats gained only five seats in Congress and the Senate had no net changes. Meanwhile, the Republicans retained control of both Congress chambers.

Let me tell you, Joe Scarborough and other left-leaning hacks can indulge in nostalgic fantasies to the detriment of their hypocritical hearts. But the Democrat Party is the sole responsible for the shellacking it is about to endure.

Biden and Democrats have supported a radical agenda since Day One. Delusional Joe has plopped himself behind the Resolute Desk at the Oval Office, blaming all except themselves for their deliberately created crises.

Survey after survey has been ignored by Democrats about the real concerns of working Americans. Instead, Democrats focus on “systemic racism,” “MAGA Republicans,” voter suppression, irreversible mutilation, and the disgusting name “gender affirmation” to children’s bodies. They also support on-demand abortions until birth.

America, Biden and the Democrats will soon be sent a clear message. It is so satisfying to watch Joe Scarborough and other left-wing hackers scream in their election-day oatmeal.