Top Five Excuses Democrats Will Use When They Get Annihilated on Election Day


Everyone knows that Democrats can’t accept their losses. Who or what will be responsible?

Democrats believe that they can win by supporting TikTok’s pink-haired groomers and teachers who brag about how they “transform” children in schools. They are loud, noisy, entitled, well-organized, and wildly attractive.

Parents concerned about their children’s reproductive organs won’t allow them to cause harm to their bodies.

Who is responsible if Democrats fail to address the commie issues mentioned and are fired?

#5: Bigotry

If the nation rejects a child’s “right” to be a transformer or to carve their genitals for them, Democrats will increase their hatred of white Christians. Democrats need to be aware that Michigan’s Muslim vote favors Republicans.

Democrats think they have the votes from minorities.

“Semantic satisfaction” refers to the repeated use of a word that loses its meaning. Too many times, Libs continue to utter the words “bigotry”, racism, and hate. They don’t want children to be aware that they are a bunch of commie pinkos.

#4: “Misinformation”

Stacey Abrams already believes that her loss is due to the refusal of black men to vote for her.

Democrats didn’t intend to eliminate racism. They want it to be managed and made work for them.

Democrat harpies like to blame “misinformation” so that they can one day try to bring back the Stalin-icioviciousnistry of Misinformation. If they control what the people think, they control the people.

Where is this “misinformation?”? It is obvious!

#3: “White Supremacy”

We know there is very little white supremacy in the U.S. Biden allegedly asked the FBI for permission to incite hate. lists 472 examples of fake bigotry. Nearly all of them were minorities who claimed to have been victims of racial hatred.

#2: The Right Hates Women

Lefty skanks believe that a woman should be able to take a fetus out of her body until it is born. It doesn’t matter if your hair is shaved, your skin is pierced, or your arms are in a woodchipper.

The left claims conservatives don’t care about a baby after he/she is born. Google “Catholic adoption agencies.” Then Google “Antifa adoption agencies.” Count the results, commie.

We do, too, privileged white girls. So do we.

# 1: Trump

Trump has been out of office for almost two years, but the pinkos can’t ignore him.

Vote for a complete Republican ticket. Your kids should have the same rights as you. It is not fair that the World Economic Forum (WEF) will take your steaks away.

This is what we have, people! Vote to get a solid red ticket for the preservation of America from the Marxists. Bring your bourbon.

PROTIP: Anyone who opposes free speech via Twitter is a dirty communist piggy.

Watch this video from my friends at “Joke Sand a Point”, before you vote. Liberals can be miserable, naive killjoys who don’t know how to have a great time.

Get out and vote!