Daniel Goldman Calls Violent Crime Hearing a ‘Charade,’ Gets Taken to the Cleaners by a Witness


Daniel Goldman’s career in Washington politics hasn’t started off well. Goldman, the lawyer who led Nancy Pelosi in her first impeachment attempt against Donald Trump, has had his share of adversity. He received some more on Monday.

Goldman called the whole thing a “charade”, while addressing a witness, during a field hearing about violent crime in DA Alvin Bragg’s district. Madeline Brame took Goldman to task for calling the entire effort a “charade” while addressing one of the witnesses.

GOLDMAN: I know that your experiences were devastating. But the truth is, this is all a charade. They are constantly talking about Donald Trump outside this hearing, and this hearing was set up to cover for what they knew to be a flawed investigation.

Many of you will be looking forward to my next post, now, uh…

Please let me respond.

GOLDMAN: I don’t have time to do that right now, as I only have 20 seconds.

BRAME: Don’t insult my intelligence

(Jim Jordan attempts to bring order.)

You are insulting me as if I am not aware of the situation.


I am fully aware of the situation. This is what I did when I left the Democratic Party’s plantation.

As you watch the clip, Goldman’s smugness just leaps out at you. He was born with the silver spoon in his hand. He has had everything handed to him. He has never dealt with violent criminals, or their repercussions on lower- and middle-class communities. Goldman has spent his entire life in gated communities, prestigious institutions and elite schools.

It’s all well and good, but when he is confronted by a woman whose son was murdered because Democrats chose to be soft on crime in cities throughout the country, he might want to check himself. In that situation, a little humility could go a very long way.

Does he have a point that the hearing was based on Bragg’s absurd prosecution of Donald Trump? Yes, but there is a catalyst for everything. Does this make Brame’s son less dead? Is her anger towards New York City officials, who refuse to enforce laws, any less justified because of this? No, of course not. What prompted the hearing in the field is irrelevant. It is important to look at the content.

Hank Johnson played the same game as Goldman, calling the witnesses in the hearing “props.”

I can’t even imagine being in that room, listening to an ignorant imbecile, like Johnson, insulting people who have lost loved ones to violent crimes. Johnson was the person who said that Guam’s population would cause it to topple over. He was serious.

These witnesses are not props and this hearing is not a show. This is an important exposé of the terrible policies that harm millions of Americans. Democrats are afraid to confront this because they realize that their party is at fault. Republicans are doing right by bringing this to the front, and the more viral videos produced, the better.