Why Doesn’t Jen Psaki Have Republicans on Her New MSNBC Show?


Jen Psaki has come under fire from an unexpected source for refusing to interview Republicans on her MSNBC show.

Kara Swisher is a progressive Democrat journalist who interviewed Psaki in the latest episode of “On with Kara Swisher.” Swisher confronted Psaki at one point during the episode over the lack of diversity in her MSNBC Sunday show.

Hakeem Jeffries, the House Democratic Leader was your first visit. You spoke to New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Michigan Governor. Swisher said, “You spoke with Gretchen Whitmer on your first episode.” “They are all Democrats. “Do you consider adding more Republicans?”

Psaki, former White House Press Secretary, stated that she was “all for” it and would like to interview Republican Governors and members of Congress. Swisher, however, appeared skeptical.

“OK. What is the problem?” Swisher pressed.

“There is no problem.” People have to agree, of course, to appear on the show. We have talked to a few Republicans. Psaki replied, “I do want Republicans on the show,” explaining that she had aired only four shows and needed to establish rapport with potential guests.

Swisher responded, saying that she believed there was no excuse for not having interviewed a Republican.

Psaki said that three Republicans are on her list of people she would like to interview. They are Senator Mitt Romney (R – Utah), House Foreign Relations Committee Michael McCaul, (R – Texas), and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“I don’t really fear being a platform for propaganda, because I will call it out.” Psaki added, “I know that there are certain people who will not be appearing on the show, and that’s perfectly fine.”

She added that she was open to an interview with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.