DC’s Attorney General Makes Shocking Pledge to Fed-Up Residents: No More Prosecutions for Crimes


Chicago was the scene of a stunted piece of local politics. The elected officials in Chicago were congratulating themselves for passing a resolution that called for the end of the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas. This is not only a waste of time, but the city has serious problems, as dozens of murders occur every week.

What about a Chicago ceasefire, you inept peacocks!!

Washington D.C. is another municipality with a high crime rate but is run by politicians who are as useless as a condom vending machine in a convent.

You may be wondering if crime has decreased in the Nation’s Capital. I will tell you the truth about the lack of coverage. Nearly 50 carjackings have occurred, with an average of more than two homicides per week. Over 60 car break-ins were reported by police in three days. This is happening during a month of cold weather when crime statistics are usually more conservative.

The city saw a sharp increase in murders last year. It was the highest level in 20 years. The city saw a shocking 82 percent increase in murders, with almost 1,000 deaths for the entire year. As anger and frustration among residents increase, it seems that the same is true for politicians and local authorities.

A community forum between civic leaders and citizens was held this week to discuss the crime wave. They met to talk about things. There was very little constructive discussion on the issue. Attorney General Brian Schwalb stood before the assembled gentlemen and dared to say that he did not consider doing his job as a solution, despite the serious crime reality.

He told them that if they wanted to be safe in the future, they needed to focus more on prevention. They also needed to provide resources to young people and families. “We can’t arrest and prosecute our way out.”

This forum specifically addressed the issue of juvenile crimes and carjackings by juveniles. The lawn flamingo prosecutor looked at the residents and declared that performing his assigned duties wasn’t the solution.

Teenagers are operating in the city knowing that they won’t be held accountable for their actions. A father in the panel was the foster parent of a 15-year-old boy who was arrested and charged with carjacking an Uber driver. He was begging for the city to step in. This youth’s release in one day without charges gives the other youths of the community the confidence they need to continue their anti-social behaviors.

The fact that the comments were made the same day as a series of violent incidents in the city makes them even more offensive. Artell Cunningham, 28, was on an 11-hour crime spree that included multiple carjackings, two shootings, and the death of one man. He also injured a former Donald Trump official who is now in critical condition. Cunningham, who had been on an 11-hour spree of crime, was eventually gunned down by police.

He shouldn’t have been out on the street.

Cunningham’s criminal record is not a mystery. There are rumors that he suffered from a mental breakdown or had ongoing emotional problems. The actions of the prosecution office have truncated this “history”. Cunningham was aggressive towards the police officers after they were called to a disturbance. He promised to kill them all. After such an outburst, it was not only reasonable but also necessary to confine or institutionalize this man. The D.C. authorities, led by a new district attorney in that period, were not motivated by logic.

Cunningham was arrested for felony threats. Court records show that his charges were downgraded immediately to misdemeanor bodily harm threats on the day of arrest. Cunningham’s case was closed in February after the United States Attorney’s Office of the District of Columbia dismissed the charges.

Residents of Washington, D.C. have to deal with this. The crime rate is on the rise, criminals are acting with impunity and authorities look them straight in the eye while refusing to do anything. It may become a good idea to move to Gaza for safer living conditions.