Texas Unleashes Border Defense Success: Compelling Stats Prove Biden Had the Power to Halt the Crisis


Joe Biden is going to look bad if you take a look at the new stats.

Bill Melugin of Fox reports that illegal border crossings are moving from Texas to Arizona and California.

Fox News reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection sources said that the Border Patrol arrested 32,809 illegal aliens during the last week in January.

CBP reports that 23,576 of these – or 71.8% of all – were located in Arizona and California. The numbers in Texas’ Del Rio region, which includes Eagle Pass have dropped off a cliff. In December, there were days when 3,000 to 4,000 illegal crossings occurred per day. In the last seven days, there have been an average of 200.

This is a massive drop, from 3,000 to 4,000 to just 200. Now they are going to Arizona and California.

What’s the difference then? What’s the biggest difference?

After Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Mexico in December, Texas tightened up its border security. Mexico increased its enforcement against migrants entering the Mexican state of Coahuila.

Mexico has suddenly stopped migrants from boarding trains and is now removing migrants down from its northern border to its southern border.

The migrants who cross the border now face a hostile attitude from Texas, with its legions of troops, razor wire, and soldiers. They are also threatened with arrest. The U.S. has not revealed what it offered Mexico as a reward for its cooperation.

This is fascinating. We don’t even know what Biden might have promised Mexico. I don’t trust them. It does however show that Biden may have been able to do this from the beginning, just as Donald Trump did with Mexico when he tried to make it work like a wall.

The Biden team made their latest move only in December. Why didn’t they do that from the start or simply keep what Trump already implemented? Likely, they’re only doing this now due to the upcoming election and the damage it will do to Biden’s poll numbers. This is a disgusting thing, especially when you think about how illegal immigration has harmed and taxed the American people in the last three years. They’re still fighting Texas which is trying to defend the American people and its citizens.

This article shows in a very clear way that this “crisis”, as Biden called it, should have never happened. It could have been resolved immediately by simply enforcing the law, as Texas did, and working with Mexico.

This also shows that Biden has failed because the illegal aliens have fled to Arizona and California, where they can enter and don’t have to face the hard defense they would get from Texas or Mexico.

Border Patrol’s San Diego and Tucson, Arizona sectors are currently seeing the most activity. CBP sources said to Fox News that on Wednesday there were 5,240 Border Patrol arrests of illegal immigrants along the southern border. Sources said that 3,854 – or 73.5% of them – were in Arizona and California on the day.

Republicans should create an advertisement to demonstrate how the law is enforced when it’s done by you.