Democrat Claim the January 6th Investigation Revelations Blows the Roof off the House


Democrats make louder noises about January 6th, declaring that the House of Representatives would be “blown off its roof by coming revelations”.

Jamie Raskin, a member of the January 6th Committee, claimed that “Donald Trump conspired with white nationalists, fascist groups, and others, while he was speaking at Georgetown University. ”

This information comes from NBC News. They reported Raskin’s comments.

Raskin said Thursday that the hearings would tell an incredible story, which will blow the House off the roof. The event was hosted by Georgetown University’s Center on Faith and Justice.

Raskin, a member, said that the hearings will be held by members of the committee in June. They plan to publish their investigation report by the end of summer or early fall.

He stated, “no president had ever been as close to the events in this case. ”

This is a laughable statement that has been repeated numerous times.

We can see that Raskin intends to rehash failed talk points Democrats have been pushing over the past year. It was illegal or a coup for Trump to speak to surrogates to determine if it was possible to object to the electors.

Raskin said that the plan was for Mike Pence (then Vice President) to help President Joe Biden get below the 270 majorities needed to win. According to the 12th Amendment, this would shift the contest to the House vote. Raskin stated that Republicans would hold the majority of the presidency if this happens since the votes would be cast through state delegations. Democrats have fewer state delegations than the GOP.

“It is anyone’s guess what could have happened — martial law, civil war,” Raskin said. I think it’s as close to fascism as I want my country to get to.

What happened? Trump’s closest aides circulated draft memos about the legality of Pence sending the electors home. There is no evidence that the memo’s authors were trying to establish a “coup”. They were just looking for legal avenues to delay certification, which is a bad idea.

Left-leaning individuals who want to scream bloody murder should not be surprised to hear that there are ways to object to certifications.

There is no evidence Trump, Trump’s surrogates, and those who broke into Capitol Building are working in coordination. Protest is legal.

This whole spectacle is laughable. They are should be more concerned with the nation’s inflation crisis and other Democrat-led boondoggles. However, Trump scares them and they will do anything to try to keep him from running again.