Democrat John Fetterman Beats Republican Dr. Oz In Hotly Contested Race For Pennsylvania’s US Senate Seat


According to projections by Fox News, NBC News and other outlets, John Fetterman defeated Republican Dr. Mehmet O in the highly contested race for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Seat.

Although the tally was too close to call at midnight, Fetterman started getting the big check mark shortly before 1 a.m.

Fetterman is the expected winner. This could help shift the balance in power in the Senate. It has been at 50-50 since early 2021. However, Vice President Kamala Harris (a Democrat) holds the deciding vote. The seat was previously held by retired GOP U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

The Oz-versus Fetterman contest was arguably the most popular in America, especially when Oz started to reduce Fetterman’s lead and especially after Fetterman’s stroke earlier in the year and its cognitive effects — which became a major problem for him – attracted a lot of attention.

What did Tuesday night bring?
At 9:30 Tuesday evening, Fetterman led Oz by 17 points with 20% reporting. After an hour, Oz made significant gains and narrowed the gap to just two points, with 64% reporting.

Bedford, Pennsylvania’s southernmost county, was the last to report at 11 p.m. Just a few minutes later, Fetterman’s lead had shrunk to 1.1 points when Bedford finally reported.

By 1:12 a.m., the Associated Press had not called this race. Fetterman led Oz by 1.4 points and 84% of precincts reported. According to the AP, the vote totals were 2,446,089 in Fetterman’s favor and 2,380,124 in Oz’s favor.

What is the background?
Fetterman had been consistently behind Oz in the polls. However, Oz cut into Fetterman’s double-digit lead in May’s Senate primary to just a 3.7 point average differential at the end September.

Oz also attacked Fetterman for not sharing his medical records with reporters regarding his stroke, and for agreeing only to one debate.

NBC News interviewed Fetterman a little more than three weeks before Election Day. He struggled to understand and speak the questions he was being asked.

It was much the same as during Fetterman’s late-October debate against Oz. Fetterman began things by saying “Hi. Good evening, everyone.

Fetterman is a pro-abortion supporter with no limits, and has pledged to end filibuster. Oz was attacked for saying that abortion is murder and claimed that the Republican does not believe in exceptions to rape or incest.

Do you have any other suggestions?
Fetterman filed a federal suit on the eve of midterms arguing that counting ballots that are in violation of Pennsylvania election law is actually a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.