Democratic Daughter of Famous Musician Speaks Out After Bob Lee’s Brutal Murder


Actress and fashion designer Sara Foster, daughter of the affluent Grammy Award-winning musician David Foster, minced no words when speaking out about tech magnate Bob Lee’s brutal murder this week.

According to TheBlaze, “Bob Lee (43), was hospitalized after being repeatedly stabbed on Main Street in SoMa. This entertainment and financial district is located on the eastern side of the city.”

He tried to flag a passerby to get help but he was ultimately ignored and left to die.

There have been twelve murders in San Francisco this past year, including Lee’s stabbing.

Foster, 42, shared an Instagram story that featured an image from the New York Post about Lee’s death. Foster captioned the post, “I have no words.”

“Disgusting,” added Foster. “My heart breaks for this family.”

Foster is a registered Democrat. He has expressed socially progressive views online. Foster appears to be becoming increasingly disillusioned by leftist leadership and the repercussions of liberals’ mismanagement. Foster also stresses that “our country” is f***ed. ”

Foster’s father, who is a 16-time Grammy Winner and worked with Celine Dion and Chicago, isn’t the only Californian to experience a decline in quality of life and life expectancy after the election of Democratic leadership.

KGO TV reported on the net loss in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley of at most 250,000 households between 2018-2022. Many people fled from other cities within the state.

The San Francisco Chronicle conducted a survey of over 1,650 people between June 2022 to July 2022. 65% said that the current city government led by Democrat Mayor London Breed was worse than when they first moved there. Only 10% said it was better.

The survey found that 37% of San Francisco’s current residents plan to leave the city within the next three years.

The crime index of Neighborhood Scout ranks San Francisco at 2 (100 is the safest).

In the past year, there have been 660 reported robberies and 591 assaults. There were also 1,522 motor vehicle thefts and 53 rapes.

The Democrat-controlled town isn’t just stacked with victims of random acts of violence.

According to KGO, the Chief Med Examiner of San Francisco reported recently that over 130 people died from drug overdoses in January and February.

CNN tweeted Friday about Lee’s murder. The alarming crime statistics are despite Lee being brutally killed.

CNN reports that the murder rate in San Francisco is lower than in similar-sized cities. This article uses data from Major Cities Police Chiefs Association. Oakland, with 120 murders and 170 sexual assaults, has 170 homicides and 170 homicides for 2022. It is distinct from San Francisco which has 56 murders and 308 rapes in 2022.

CNN lowered the importance of the problems in the city just weeks after a reporter was robbed while covering crime in the area.

There are still many people who have lost their lives in the Democrat-run city of San Francisco.

According to the Daily Mail, almost 8,000 people in San Francisco were homeless in February 2022. There are other problems that arise from this growing homeless population.

According to The New York Post Bob Lee’s friend claimed that he moved to Florida because he felt San Francisco was “deteriorating”.