Tennessee Lawmaker Expelled for Racist Remarks During Dramatic Moment on House Floor


We previously reported about how Justin Jones, a Tennessee state representative, was one of three Democratic legislators who, while sitting on the House floor with a bullhorn in his hand, helped whip up a mob at the state capitol just three days after the Nashville Christian elementary school massacre. He was expelled from his position by his colleagues.

Jones had the opportunity to discuss the issue with his fellow House members before the vote on whether to expel him. However, one exchange has not been widely covered. It exemplifies both the biased “reporting”, we’ve seen in the media on this topic and the double-dealing of Jones on the race issue as it relates to the vote to expel Jones.

Republican Sabi Kumar, an Indian-American surgeon, Sunday school teacher and Sunday school teacher, reminded Jones at one point of the racially charged language Jones had used previously on him. Kumar pointed out that it was recorded and that it was the first time that a racial slur was ever used on him in his 53 years living in America.

The room could hear a series of audible gasps

Jones was not content to be apologetic. He instead doubled down and confirmed Kumar’s point.


Later, while being interviewed by the media, Jones – incredibly – tripled down on what he’d said earlier about Kumar:

Got that? Kumar is a “confused” man in “brown face” simply because he doesn’t think like a woke Democrat, and one who has a history of despicable behavior (including assaulting GOP leaders by throwing hot coffee on them when he was a BLM activist) when it comes to interacting with those who disagree with him:

Jones claimed that he was “an uppity grunt” after being expelled, a massive failure of self-awareness.

Justin Jones, a Tennessee state representative (Democratic-Nashville), said that his race was a factor in his expulsion from Tennessee’s state House on Thursday.

After the 72-25 vote, Jones, a Black member, said that he was called an uppity Negro by a member.

The media and Democrats, all the way to the Biden White House, have painted the “Tennessee Three”, as victims of undemocratic actions meant to silence them. But the actions they took on video that day speak for them and prove that they should all have been expelled.

You should remember that if there had been any video of the Capitol riot, it would have shown Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley holding bullhorns on the Senate floor, encouraging people to disrupt official proceedings. We would still be hearing about it today. Democrats and the media are going insane, demanding expulsion and jail sentence.

As Democrats have always done, Democrats must use Double standards to judge their political opponents. Same shit, different day. It’s so tiring.