Democratic Lawmakers’ Bold Move: Proposed Resolution to Protect LGBTQ Students Under Fire


Democrats would be America’s saviors if virtue signaling solved real problems. Unfortunately, virtue-signaling does little more than make politicians look good to their supporters.

Reps. Mark Takano and Barbara Lee, both Democrats from California, and Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii have nevertheless introduced a Resolution to Support the Rise Up of LGBTQI+ Youth in Schools Initiative. According to the National Education Association, the initiative aims to fight legislation that prohibits biological males from participating in girls’ sports and to remove sexually offensive materials from K-12 classes and school libraries.

Rep. Takano stated in a recent press release that:

As a former educator, I know school shouldn’t just be about surviving – it should be about flourishing. We must protect the right of LGBTQ students to thrive in school, enjoy learning, discover passions, and begin their next chapter in an educational setting that supports and affirms them.

Rep. Lee has also chimed in.

Queer youth need our assistance, given the recent rise of anti-LGBT+ legislation. She said that GOP extremists use the lives of these vulnerable people as political tools, at the expense of their mental health and well-being. “For the sake and safety of our children, it’s imperative that my colleagues support this resolution to ensure their success at school.”

Schatz said, “Every child should feel safe in school” and that we “need to take action to help protect these children and fight against discriminatory policies which harm them.”

It affirms the need for an educational environment free of bias and discrimination. The resolution argues that the “K-12 school system must be free of transphobia, homophobia, and racism.”

The report also highlights the challenges that these students face. It explains that “LGBTQI+ youth often experience bias-based harassment and bullying, discrimination and punitive punishment that increases their likelihood of entering the school-to-prison pipeline.”

No leftist campaign would be complete without a slam against red states that passed laws related to LGBTQ issues at government-run schools. The report notes that “over $200 anti-LGBTQI+ legislation bills are introduced in state legislatures each year, with the majority targeting transgender or nonbinary youth.”

The proposed measure also calls for the nation to protect the rights of LGBTQ kids. The proposed resolution states that “we must demand the best future possible for all students in school, especially those who identify themselves as LGBTQI+ without exception.”

The resolution is not bad, except for pretending that preventing sexually indecent material from being taught in schools and protecting female sportspeople constitutes discrimination. No one wants to see children bullied, harassed, or discriminated against. But passing a resolution won’t stop it. As it should be, there are laws and rules in place to prevent the mistreatment of school children.

This resolution is about as effective in stopping the mistreatment and abuse of LGBTQ children as a screen on a sub. It is a wonderful way for these legislators to show that they care about their progressive base.