Trump Launches Rally with Fiery Critique of Biden, Condemns Iran’s Assaults on Israel


After the Iranian drone attack on Israel, Republican politicians, including Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, criticized President Biden for his failure to stand up with Israel and showing a weakness that encourages America’s adversaries around the globe.

Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate for 2024 and former president of the United States, also blasted Biden after hearing about these attacks. He wrote an article on Truth Social.

If you cannot read it, the message reads “ISRAEL IS UNDER ASSAULT! This shouldn’t have happened. This would have NEVER happened if I was President!”

At his rally in Schnecksville on Saturday night, Trump elaborated on the points he made in the post he posted near the beginning of his remarks while reiterating some of the themes he had discussed at the Mar-a-Lago Press Conference on Friday:

He told the crowd:

Before I continue, let me say ‘God Bless the People of Israel’. ‘They are under attack’.

It’s because of our great weakness. We would never allow this to happen. The weakness we have shown is unimaginable. It would never have happened had we been in office. Everyone knows it, including you, us and everyone else.

America does pray for Israel. We offer our full support to anyone in danger.

Think about the difficulties we face, the problems we endure, the lack of energy independence, and all-electric vehicles.

We will quickly return the world to a peaceful state through our strength. I will revitalize American strength abroad and we will restore American power at home.

Four years ago we were respected all over the globe. We are a joke today. Believe me, it won’t last long.

We will keep you updated on any further developments arising from the attack.