Democrats Are Even Opposed to Biden’s Decision That Will Make Things Worse


Joe Biden has done so much to harm our country in such a short time.

One of his worst actions is to destroy the border policy President Donald Trump worked so hard for. Under Joe Biden, illegal entry across the border has reached historic heights. Biden was not responsible for Title 42, the federal public health policy used by the government to expel illegal aliens. It was vital to combat COVID. After COVID began, Title 42 was created by the Trump Administration.

The Biden Administration, however, has announced that the Title 42 policy will be ended as of May 23, in a concession to leftist activists.

“After taking into account current public health conditions, and the increased availability of tools for fighting COVID-19 (such high-effective vaccines and therapeutics), CDC Director determined that an Order suspending entry to migrants to the United States is not necessary,” the Centers for Disease Control stated in a statement earlier Friday.

If you think it is bad enough, don’t be discouraged. It will only get worse once that tool is removed.

This decision has been criticized by even Democrats.

Senator Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.), one of the voices for moderation in the Democratic Party, called Biden’s actions a “frightening choice” that will only make things worse.

Manchin stated that “we are already facing an unprecedented rise in migrants this year” and that the Administration should end the Title 42 policy. Manchin stated that Title 42 should be made permanent because “we are not nearly ready to deal with that increase.”

He wasn’t alone in speaking out. Sen. Kyrsten Silena (D.AZ) and Senator Mark Kelly (D.AZ) both criticized the decision. They are both from Arizona, which is one of the most likely states to be inundated if the policy is not in place.

Sen. Maggie Hassan (D. NH) said that this would cause a surge that the “administration does not seem to be ready for.” It’s a way to put how terrible it’s going.

Unfortunately, this is the result of Democrats electing a man who supports the radical agenda. He doesn’t care about Arizona or any other states, nor any American. He doesn’t care whether this causes the Democrats to lose Arizona. It is all about that agenda.

Fox’s Hillary Vaughn claims that the Biden team’s reaction to the situation will only make things worse. They are considering removing veterans’ care to help with illegal aliens.

What about checking out who someone is? Don’t worry about it.

These Democrats will also be working with Republicans in an effort to prevent this from happening in May. We’ve seen Sinema and Manchin willing to stand up for principle and shoot Biden.

Biden must have ended Title 42 to declare the pandemic over. He is saying there is nothing to worry about due to the huge influx of illegal aliens daily. Biden says that the pandemic doesn’t affect illegal aliens, but it does affect Americans.

Biden should declare the pandemic over if he believes it is. He should also repeal all COVID mandates.