Joe Biden Insists Upon Vladimir Putin Facing War Crimes for Atrocities in Ukraine


According to various sources, Joe Biden called Monday for evidence to prove that Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator, was being tried for war crimes in connection to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He said that he saw “what happened in Bucha” and was referring to reports about mass killings of civilians in Kyiv by Russian-controlled troops.

CNBC transcribed Biden’s statements to the assembled reporters as follows:

He is a war criminal. This man is brutal and Bucha’s events are shocking. Everyone has seen them. It is a war crime. He should be held responsible.

Biden also highlighted the importance of gathering first irrefutable evidence to present against Putin.

We must gather the data. We must continue to supply Ukraine with the weapons they need to continue fighting. We need to gather all details so that this can be… a trial of war crimes.

Shockingly, amen.

The New York Times put its “all-the [narrative driven] news that’s fit for print” spin on Biden’s comments. It praised his “visceral response to the horrifying pictures coming out of Ukraine” comment. Same Joe Biden, whose inept administration threatened sanctions that would never come before Putin invaded, but later admitted that sanctions don’t work as a deterrent.

On Wednesday, President Biden stated almost out of the blue that President Vladimir V. Putin was “a war criminal”. His aides explained that he was responding to the horrifying images of children and civilians being dragged from the rubble of buildings destroyed by Russian forces.

He was also personalizing conflict in a way that past presidents avoided when faced with the crisis with America’s most powerful nuclear-armed enemy. His comment underscored the fact that personal condemnation has become policy as Mr. Biden’s top aides cast Mr. Putin as a pariah and indiscriminate murderer who should be tried at The Hague.

You clowns, please spare us the Profile in Courage” — Biden is still a timid, ineffectual leader who, despite his genuine motives, never misses an opportunity to improve his image.

Putin will never be brought before a court in the Hague. It is unlikely, given the sad state of pathetic affairs in these pathetic times. What a tragedy this would (will) be. Not just for those who were victims of Putin’s atrocities, but also for future victims of monsters.

As necessary, additional details and commentary will be added.