Democrats Claim Biden is a Cool President


The Democrats must say something positive about Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency. The less they talk about his record, the more likely they are to get the corruptor, who is now senescent, back in the White House until he reaches 86, and his semi-coherent remarks of 2023 will look like a Daniel Webster.

The official Twitter/X account of the Democrats published a picture of the sinister influence peddler wearing his trademark aviator glasses on Tuesday and declared that he was a cool president. Yes, it has come this far: telling us just how hip, with-it, and extroverted the “Weekend At Bernie’s ” president is.

Fox News reported Tuesday that “the 2004 high-school comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan” inspired the Dems’ claim about Old Joe as a “cool President.” The hashtag was also used. Fox News explains that ‘October 3 is known as ‘Mean Girls Day due to a line from the movie where Lindsay Lohan’s character gets excited when her crush speaks to her. He asked her what day it was and she replied, “It’s the 3rd of October.”

Amy Poehler’s character in the film boasts to her daughter’s friends, “I’m not like a regular mom, I am a cool mom.”

Old Joe Biden is not a cool president unless you consider a non-existent Southern border to be cool, or skyrocketing gasoline prices and steadily increasing inflation. Or the weaponization by the Justice Department of political opponents of the Biden government, or the imposition of an insane cultural agenda on the American people (especially the trans madness).

The Democrats had a point. It was only fitting that the Democrats chose “Mean Girls Day”, to honor their incomprehensible and often bumbling figurehead. If there is any president that Old Joe Biden could be called, it would be the Mean President. The suffering that he has caused and continues to cause the American people is what makes the Biden regime a Mean Presidency. For the first time ever (or the second if you include Barack Obama’s first two terms), we have an administration and a president who are actively working against the interests of the American public, while praising themselves for their nonexistent achievements and adopting America-First language for electoral purposes.

Other bad presidents have also existed. Jimmy Carter is a modern example. Carter was trying to do the right thing for his country, despite all of his many failings. He had a disastrously erroneous understanding of what it meant to do right by the country and was ineffective in the extreme.

The Biden regime, however, is different. It regularly acts against what the American people want. Inflation rates are crippling and Americans’ standard of living is declining because of policies it has adopted that don’t even consider the well-being of Americans.

This is not the only example, as the Biden regime has also embraced the myth of climate change. If the regime’s war on gasoline-powered cars is successful, it will be impossible for many Americans to own their own transportation. The well-being, security, and prosperity of Americans are not a priority. Instead, the main concern is to line the pockets of “clean energy” cronies of Old Joe and to satisfy globalists who want the United States to cede economic dominance to China.

So, yeah. Old Joe isn’t the cool president. He is the Mean President. The Dems have it right: He is not a normal president. Americans can only wish that we’ll have another one one day.