Trevor Bauer Drops Bombshell Accusations Against #MeToo Accuser


Trevor Bauer, the embattled MLB star who has been accused of sexual assault, broke his silence after two years on Monday. His side of the story was told in a four-minute video posted on his verified X account. The video contained screenshots and text messages from his accuser.

“‘Next victim. A star pitcher for the Dodgers,’” Bauer began reading a text written by his accuser, Lindsey Hill. The text was sent to her friend before she even met Bauer. Wow, can you say premeditated?

Bauer read on: “What should I steal,” the accuser asked a friend in another text, referencing an upcoming visit to Bauer’s house. “Take his money,” the friend replied.

So how might an enterprising and promiscuous young woman go about stealing money from a wealthy young MLB player? Simple: during a sexual hookup, accuse him of assault, of course. “I’m going to his house Wednesday,” Hill wrote. “I already have my hooks in — you know how I roll.” After that meeting, Hill’s friends continued to egg her on after she found out Bauer’s “net worth is $51 mil.” “Bitch, you better secure the bag,” was the friend’s terse response, meaning she should make sure she gets evidence to use to get money from Bauer.

Hill’s strategy was to write, “I want Daddy choked out.” She wrote: “I am a whore, trying to grab a share of his $51,000,000.” ” Not really.”

Bauer claims that Hill was told by “former Padres pitcher Jacob Nix” to “get this bag.” Hill replied, “I’ll give you $50,000.” Hill put her plan in motion when she accused Bauer, on May 16, 2021.

Hill and her legal team tried to “come up with a financial arrangement” following the accusations. Bauer refused. Hill and her lawyers tried to “come to a financial agreement” after the accusations.

Lindsey Hill’s case will be heard by the court in August 2021. I and my team were illegally and deliberately denied information, such as the video Lindsey Hill made the day after she claimed to have been emotionally and brutally abused. She was desperate for me to leave.

There is no doubt now that we have the metadata. The photo was taken minutes before she left her house on the morning of May 16, 2021. She took the photo without my knowledge or consent.

Bauer stated, “The truth of the matter is that I never was detained.” “I was never charged with any criminal offense, I never abused Lindsey Hill or anyone else.” “Then, I sued her, and she counter-sued.” Bauer’s integrity and reputation were at stake, not money. He said that the lawsuit would be the only way he could get the information he needed to clear his reputation.

After the video was released, Hill’s team approached Bauer and offered a “proposal for resolving the case.” The video surfaced and Hill’s team approached Bauer with a “proposal to resolve the case.” Bauer kept his right to speak publicly about the case and accepted it.

Bauer stated that both lawsuits have been settled. “I had to defend myself in public over the last two years.” Bauer said, “I hope that this will be the last time I have to defend my reputation and integrity in a public setting.”

What is the best way to recover his two most recent years in baseball? Is it possible to regain his reputation? Can he recoup any lost wages? Does he have a contract with an MLB club?

Do we still “believe all women” in an age where accusations are taken seriously? And what about MLB? Are they going to ever realize that they need to protect their young athletes against these predators and not simply throw them out into the wolves at the slightest accusation?

Elon Musk asked Bauer a query via X on Tuesday. “Were [Hill]’s lawyers aware that she withheld evidence?” Bauer replied, “It appears her lawyers had proof the entire time.”

Incredible. Although the lawyers were listed as “released parties” under the settlement agreement, one can imagine the American Bar Association’s view on their conduct.