Desperate White House Blames the Bad Orange Man for Chinese Spy Balloon Infestation


It is possible to believe that Joe Biden is responsible for allowing the Chinese spy balloon, which was flying across the United States on his watch, to cross the continent. However, you would be wrong according to the White House.

The person responsible is not even in office anymore. You guessed it. The bad orange man struck again.

John Kirby, the world’s worst press Secretary, stepped in on Monday to take over. He tells it that it was Donald Trump’s government that failed to protect America. The Pentagon is trying desperately to cover up for Biden’s failures in national security. According to them, spy balloons from China were present during Trump’s administration, but they weren’t noticed. Because the previous president was so incompetent. Only the current president exposed Chicom’s shady plan using a combination of sheer moxie, and sheer heroics.

This claim is absurd and impossible to believe. You might ask yourself how the Pentagon could know that Chinese spy balloons were above the United States during Trump’s presidency if they weren’t detected until many years later. This assumes that they are looking at radar images and comparing signatures. However, it would still not be possible to make a final judgment without a time machine to visually identify the objects.

It’s not that spy balloons could not have been over the US during Trump’s administration. However, Kirby’s pointed claim of fact is at best questionable. Why is the Biden administration using this line at a press conference when their evidence is most likely circumstantial? This is rhetorical, however. We all know why.

Isn’t it disreputable to show the current administration as being capable of detecting China’s spy ballon program, in contrast to previous administrations? I seem to recall the first reports about the first spy balloon, later downed off the coast South Carolina’s coast, being made by civilians from Montana. The US government only then identified the object and began actively tracking it. Despite claims that it was detected over the Aleutian Islands, there has not been any evidence of a scramble. This revelation must have been made after the fact, possibly by using old radar images. If they didn’t, why didn’t they send it down over Bering Sea?

To make it even more clear, it was reported that the DOD did not increase the sensitivity of its radar systems until after the Montana spy balloon was located. This is more evidence that Kirby is lying about the administration’s readiness before.

It seems like the Biden administration didn’t know there was a spy ballon until someone in Montana noticed it, making it a national news story. These amateurs pretend to have it all figured out right from the beginning. This is a desperate attempt at shifting blame, and it should be mocked.