Jill Biden Earns Fitting New Nickname After Eagles Lose Super Bowl


Although President Joe Biden is said to be a big fan of Philadelphia sports teams and First Lady Jill Biden, it’s usually the Mrs. who attends home games.

She attended at least two Philadelphia Eagles games this season, including the one in Dallas in October. We witnessed her being booed mercilessly by Eagles fans during her time as “honorary Captain” for the coin toss.

She cheered for the Philadelphia Phillies on their march to the World Series and attended game four. They lost the game to the Houston Astros by 5-0 and the series was won in six games.

Naturally, Mrs. Biden was going to support the Eagles Super Bowl Sunday. She tweeted this video in which she is wearing an Eagles jersey that had the name “Biden”, and the number 46:

Unfortunately for Eagles fans, Mrs. Biden lost their team in a game that went down to the wire. The officiating was questionable, but there were many memorable patriotic moments before it started.

Some joked about the Eagles’ defeat and blamed Jill Biden, calling it what’s now known as “The Jill Biden curse”.

However, the First Lady insists that she be called a “doctor”, even though she isn’t a doctor in medicine; her doctorate is in education. A Twitter user gave her another name: “Dr. Jinx.”

I also saw some others, but they were not suitable for publication here.

Jill Biden’s status as a “curse”, or a “jinx,” to Philly sports teams recalls all the “curses” criticisms former President Barack Obama received whenever he supported a team or attended a match, as Andrew Stiles of the Free Beacon explained in a 2019 post.

Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Washington Wizards, seems to be unaware or unwilling to acknowledge the evidence for what many analysts call the “Obama Curse”. Many American athletes, including basketball players, have suffered injury and humiliation while Obama was present, which raises difficult questions about Obama’s moral compass and motivations.

Obama watched as Zion Williamson, Duke’s star forward, suffered an ankle injury when his shoe exploded during a game against UNC. In humiliating fashion, Duke lost the game to UNC.

Although the Eagles’ loss in Super Bowl was not “humiliating”, it was a crushing blow for their fans. The same goes for the state of America under Joe Biden, and Handler in Chief Jill Biden for millions.