DHS Says Domestic Violence Extremists Are Infiltrating the Abortion Debate


Without the Department of Homeland Security, what would we do? These brave defenders of liberty are showing how rich they are. DHS officials warned Monday that “domestic violence extremists” were “infiltrating” the national abortion debate, with nefarious plans “incite violence amongst the supporters.”

I have to admit that I am not as sharp as all the DHS knives and that I don’t know the pulse of threats to “our democracy” which Leftists constantly tell us is at imminent risk from those who believe in the U.S. Constitution or the goodness of the American experiment. Alejandro Mayorkas, his henchmen, that’s, his colleagues at the DHS will be kind enough to forgive me for not understanding that domestic violent extremists only recently entered the abortion debate. It was my crazy belief that domestic violent extremists had infiltrated the abortion debate decades before. In fact, they were there right from the beginning. There are some people who believe that the women who kill babies in the womb do so for a good cause; if this isn’t domestic violent extremism then what is?

This is not the type of domestic violent extremism the DHS wants. Our intrepid defenders weren’t able to specify the exact type of domestic violent extremism in mind. ABC News reported that the DHS official who gave the warning didn’t specify which side, or any, the extremists were taking. However, it is easy to see which side DHS is referring to. Both DHS and FBI officials have repeatedly repeated the assertion that white supremacists are the greatest “domestic extremist threat” to the country.

This administration has compared parents who protest at school board meetings against Communist Indoctrination, and Transgender Propaganda in Public Schools to terrorists. It doesn’t say a word about genuine Antifa violence. So when DHS warns that “domestically violent extremists are infiltrating” the abortion debate, it is certain that those they are calling pro-lifers. While there have been some pro-lifers who have been violent in the past it is more likely that DHS is using violence to equate dissenting words.

Why is that so? It has happened to me. The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, an organization that was created by Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter to combat terrorism online, labeled Jihad Watch as a “violent extremist group”. This is despite the fact we only report on jihad activity around the globe and type reports on it. The GIFCT refused to retract my request for a letter from an attorney. Jihad Watch was described by those who called it a “violent extremist group” because it reported on violent activity, such as terrorist bombings, murders, and the like. — that in some way “dehumanized Muslims”.

It was impossible to explain how we did it. Reporting news that portrays a group in a negative light is “dehumanizing,” and the GIFCT or DHS should pursue Trump’s supporters and the establishment media. My attorney replied to my letter with the increasingly popular Leftist argument that speech that dissents from its party line constitutes violence and must be stopped.

Fresh from defending his Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board, Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, claims that his department is on top of the alleged “domestic violence extremist threat”.

It is so reassuring. In an attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court Justices into voting to overturn Roe, pro-abortion Leftist ideologues have been staging demonstrations at their homes. The Biden administration has praised these protests, despite the fact it is illegal to march at private residences. Thugs believe that intimidating and frightening people to submission is a valid political tactic. The government is currently in its hands. In such an environment, can the DHS spare any agents to attempt to stop Leftist violence regarding possible Roe being overturned? Because Leftists are more violent than prolifers, This is evident in the nature of their passion for defending it, both historically and now.