Did Biden Really Admit to Selling State Secrets?


Joe Biden either is the most shameless president ever or he has completely lost his mind. This is the story that emerged after a video of the president saying “I sold a bunch of state secrets” at a White House meeting surfaced on Sunday.

Biden hosted Indian PM Narendra Modi on Thursday and the situation was as awkward as before. The president was confused at one point during the Indian National Anthem. He mistook it for the anthem of his own country. Hunter Biden was invited to a state banquet the next day. Merrick Garland, AG, was also present.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, the President decided to make the following announcement in front of Modi and other officials.

Biden: I was just thinking, uh, uh, anyway. I started off without you, and I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things that we shared.

Biden didn’t have to wait until the second part to go haywire. He said “Anyway” again after losing his train in public. This happens a lot to the president. His voice and pace are frail. It’s almost like he is tired of taking medication. He then blurts that he has “sold many state secrets.”

Okay, then. There are several possible explanations, some of which seem more plausible than others. Biden could be suffering from dementia and has been so affected that he accidentally confessed to what he is being accused of. This includes mishandling national security classified information and taking bribes. The president has certainly had an advanced case of aging throughout his presidency, and his condition can lead him to say things he shouldn’t. Who can forget his search for a dead congresswoman during an event to honor her?

But I’m not sure that was the case. Most likely, his continued senility led him to tell another of his trademark “jokes”, which leave everyone in the room confused and wondering what was going on. You’re challenged to watch Modi’s response in the video without laughing. The Indian PM doesn’t take anything Biden says seriously.

It takes some guts to joke about this when you’re under investigation for taking bribes, and it has already been proven that you illegally kept classified documents in your home garage. Biden isn’t bothered, however, because, as I mentioned earlier, nothing really matters. He knows that he can say anything he wants, and the media will just shrug. Compare this to the accusations of a Freudian Slip that would have been raging if it was a Republican President saying what he did.

How does this benefit the United States beyond that? Would Modi, who has a close, dependent relationship with Russia change his course and become an ally of Joe Biden after forming a strong, independent relationship with Russia? What is the comfort in this? White House is not a retirement home, and having a president so out of touch has real consequences. I think we’ll continue to suffer these consequences until the voters decide otherwise.