Do These School COVID Protocols Border On Child Abuse?


Let me start by saying that 290 American children between the ages 1 and 14 died from or were infected with COVID-19 as of January 6, 2022. This is.035% for all American COVID-related deaths which now total 825,083. Seventy-six percent of the child deaths were among children aged 1 to 4, and 214 were between 5 and 14.

Based on that “science” from the CDC, some elementary schools in Seattle (of course), including Queen Anne Elementary, have decided their students — even kindergarten-aged kids — will be eating their lunches outside. They will also have to remove their masks from every bite for “their safety”. The kids will be six feet apart because COVID cannot travel six feet.

The six-foot social distance rule was built on 80-year-old outdated information. You have been standing on the floor stickers from Walmart for nothing.

Every child has their “eating spot”. Some children bring yoga mats or towels.

In the 1970s, I attended a Detroit Catholic elementary school. This seems a bit too casual to me.

For the next seven days, I checked the Seattle weather at noon. It will be between 38 and 51 degrees. What is the appropriate time to call this child abuse?

The kids eat on the basketball court when it is not raining. They have alcoves where they can eat lunch when it rains. If it is raining, their parents can fill out the ” Dining in the Cafeteria Permission form during extreme weather”

If extreme weather conditions occur, and the school administrator decides that a covered area is not feasible, or if suitable accommodation is unavailable, I grant permission for my child’s choice to eat in the cafeteria, if they so choose. The school administration has to decide about weather conditions as they consider safety and health considerations. My child has confirmed with me that they will be eating separately, quietly, and quickly.

Children must remain silent when eating indoors. COVID attacks restaurant patrons when they are standing. But I didn’t realize it also attacks children who talk during lunch.

Although I am not a doctor, I would guess that eating outside in the rain when it’s 40 degrees or more is much more dangerous for a five-year-old than a virus that seems to be able to dodge children.

It is disgusting to make young children eat outside when it rains in winter. This is child cruelty that would make Bing Crosby shiver. It’s considered an accessory by parents who allow it.

It’s not surprising that this move was made in the same district as an elementary school that canceled Halloween due to be — you guessed right — “woke”. However, they also teach children that math can be “racist.”