Was Biden Arrested During The Civil Rights Movement Like He Said?


It was shocking to learn that the man who claims to be the president of the United States has an arrest record. Biden claimed that he was once arrested in South Africa as he tried to visit Nelson Mandela. On Tuesday, Biden made the shocking revelation that he had been held during the civil rights movement. Joe’s current trajectory suggests that he will soon have taken the Lindbergh child.

Biden claimed that he ran into trouble with the police in a speech at Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College. He was trying to set an inspiring tone about why voter fraud should not be allowed on a large scale. “This is the moment,” Biden declared in the harsh tone he uses in times of intense emotion. “To decide to defend elections, to defend democracy.”

It’s a republic Joe, not a democracy. But that doesn’t matter. Democrat leaders are warning that “our democracy” could be in danger from people not voting for candidates they like. The greatest threat to “our democracy,” is the possibility that Democrats will lose both the House and Senate in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.

Biden framed the cynical attempt to allow voting without ID or mail-in as a noble struggle to protect civil rights, in line with Dr. Martin Luther King. He said, “And if that,” which is to fight against electoral integrity, “you won’t be alone.” Because the fight to protect voting rights was never borne by just one group. Freedom Riders from all races marched in unison. Leaders from all faiths marched arm in arm. Yes, Democrats and Republicans are represented in Congress of America and the presidency.” Old Joe!

Biden took a faux-humility stance. I did not experience the struggle of King, Tubman and King, Lewis, Goodman and Chaney, as well as countless other people — both known and unknown. I didn’t walk on the same ground as generations of students. But I did walk other grounds. Biden said, “I was there because I’m so damn young.” The crowd laughed and Biden continued: “You think that I’m kidding? It seems like yesterday that I was arrested. –.” Biden escaped there, as the crowd laughed more, stealing our account of how he and CornPop marched across Edmund Pettis Bridge in heavy sniper fire.

Biden has been a half-century-long of lies, distortions, and cynical twisting of facts. This was his second lie involving an arrest that never took place. Biden stated that on February 11, 2020, Nelson Mandela walked from prison to begin discussions about apartheid. It was a great honor to meet him. It was a great honor to be arrested along with our U.N. Ambassador on the streets in Soweto, trying to reach Robbens Island to see him. Five days later, he said that Mandela had marveled at Biden’s willingness to go to such great lengths to see him. He reached out to me and said, “I want to say thanks.” I replied, “You tried to see me.” “You were trying to see me.

Biden soon after admitted that none of this was true. It made no difference. It didn’t matter. The establishment media was so determined to kill Donald Trump and place any other living person (Biden barely qualified) in Oval Office, Old Joe forgave the Mandela claim as well as his history of playing loose with facts. We would have never heard of Trump’s tall tale if he had.

Now, we have the exact result the media and political elites wanted: Their puppet is now in the White House. And, surprise! He continues to lie about his past with impunity. This has been going on for decades. Biden’s lie in 1988 ended his presidential campaign, but it has not caused him any major damage. It will not happen now. Biden is almost never held responsible for it. One thing is certain, however: Biden will soon tell another hoax.