Do You Think the American People Are Stupid? Rand Paul Gets Real About Disinformation Issue With Mayorkas


Rand Paul, a Kentucky senator, is the one who will fight back against the Democrat’s “Disinformation Governance Board”. He is not one to like the size of government and he let Alejandro Mayorkas (Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary) have it all. Then, as usual, he supported the secretary into a corner.

Mayorkas immediately reacted defensively when Paul asked him his first question. Mayorkas wanted to know whether the Steele dossier contained Russian misinformation. Paul refused to let him go.

You claim the “Disinformation Governance Board” will aid disinformation. Paul responded, “So, here’s a question. ” “The FBI determined that the Steele dossier contained Russian misinformation. CNN spread this disinformation for many years. ”

“The difference between our opinions and yours is that however deplorable CNN’s dissemination of this disinformation is I wouldn’t shut them off, lecture them or post it on a government website that CNN is incorrectly spreading misinformation. ”

Paul pointed to the fact that experts and government don’t agree on what constitutes misinformation.

Paul asked: “How would your office for disinformation governance be established if it is difficult to define what disinformation is?”

Mayorkas tried telling Paul that his office is only involved in misinformation that is linked to a foreign danger. Paul refused to believe Mayorkas’ claim that his office is only involved when misinformation is linked to a foreign threat.

Mayorkas attempted to assure Paul that there would be clear “guidelines” as well as “guardrails” to protect the rights and freedoms of the American people. Paul reiterated that it is impossible for the government to define misinformation and that there will be guidelines.

Paul reiterated his point.

Paul stated, “Think back to all the disputes and deliberations we’ve had in this country over 50 years.” These were resolved by debating them. ”

Paul asked: “Do you think we can’t decide…speech by traffickers is misinformation?” “You think Americans are so stupid they need you to tell them the truth? The Steele dossier proves that you cannot. ”

Mayorkas seemed clearly upset and angry at this point.

The back and forth continued with Mayorkas attempting to put up an example as to why the American people would need the government to tell them what the truth is (fentanyl in vaccines) but Paul made it clear that the American people are smart enough to figure that out themselves and that this board isn’t needed.

Paul’s view is well-thought-out. Mayorkas did not explain how the department would combat misinformation.

This violates freedom of speech regardless of how it is interpreted. This can be especially troubling when the government cannot define misinformation and is accused of spreading it.

The Disinformation Governance Board is inefficient and dangerous.