California School District Adopts Ethnic Training Sessions for White Teachers and White Students


California’s school district has teamed up with the ‘Liberated ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium’s training center to provide staff support and anti-racism training.

At its April 21 2022 meeting, the Napa Valley Unified Schools district schools board approved $38,490. This contract covers the summer sessions 2022-2023.

Teachers’ training is based on positionality, which the dictionary doesn’t recognize. It’s promoted as a good idea to segregate teachers by race to help them prepare for next year.

It can be distressing to find out that your child’s teachers were taught to segregate according to race.

The following description was published by the district about the “white teacher” portion of the training.

Faculty will discuss how ethnic studies can help them engage white teachers.

This is a terrible betrayal of America’s forefathers, many of whom are still living, who saved America from the scourge of segregationist racism.

This program could be offered for teachers of color to help them communicate better with students from other ethnicities.

It’s absurd to claim that critical race theory doesn’t exist at schools. This is what they can do to make their lives less meaningful.

Tip – White Americans can consider themselves “ethnic”.

Parents Defending Education’s Rhyen Stewart claims that this is just activist training, disguised as ethnic studies.

Report any curriculum or pedagogy that has required special training for students of color and teachers.

This hateful propaganda is being paid to the Napa Valley Unified Schools District, which means taxpayers pay close to $1000/hr.

Parents are confused by incompetent school boards across the country.