Donald Trump Slams Biden’s Migration Policy as ‘Economic Warfare’ on Americans


Former President Donald Trump, in a Thursday speech to Arizona voters, will call President Joe Biden’s policy of mass migration “flat-out warfare” against many Americans.

Trump is expected to say, “Biden wants invasion, I want deportation,” according to excerpts from the draft speech that the Trump campaign sent to media outlets ahead of Thursday’s speech in Phoenix, Arizona.

Trump will likely say that “the Biden invasion is not an accident — it’s a deliberate destruction of our sovereignty and borders.” The speech is also expected to focus on the financial damage caused to key groups of swing voters in this battleground state.

Latino Americans are expected to make up more than five percent of Arizona’s electorate this year. Many feel threatened by Biden’s policy, which involves importing many foreign Latinos to compete with them for jobs, housing, and educational opportunities.


Trump will say the following in his speech:

“The Biden border invasion is a war against the minorities in our country, especially those who are working class. It is an economic war waged on African American and Hispanic American households.

Illegal immigration hurts Black and Hispanic families more than anyone. Joe Biden imported millions of low-wage migrants in less than four years and gave them free healthcare and work permits. This was done to reduce American wages. Crooked Joe has lowered the real incomes of African Americans by nearly 6%.

Rent and housing costs are soaring due to illegal immigration, as we now have 15,000,000 new migrants but no place to house them.

Joe Biden is a traitor to American citizens. He puts illegal aliens, cartels, and Open Borders lunatics at the forefront of everything he does. As your president, I will place African Americans first and Hispanic Americans first. I will also put all Americans first. I am loyal to the American people.”

Trump will also likely criticize Biden’s toothless “shutdown plan” at the border:

“Joe Biden has signed an Executive Order that declares his approval and support of the largest border invasion ever. Joe Biden’s Executive Order is not about closing the border. It is instead pro-invasion. Pro-child trafficking. Pro-women trafficking. Pro-human trafficking. Pro-drug dealers.

Biden’s actions this week established an annual minimum of two million illegal border crossers, without including the millions who will continue to flood through as get-aways.

Two million migrants is a large number. It is about equal to one for each American born.


The Biden invasion is not an accident. It is a deliberate destruction of our sovereignty and borders.

Joe Biden, upon taking office in 2009, halted the construction of the Border Wall. He implemented ‘catch and release’ along the entire southern border. He halted deportations. He deliberately destroyed Remain in Mexico. He knowingly terminated my Safe Third Agreements. He rescinded Title 42. He opened the doors to millions of males of fighting age from around the world. Joe Biden’s first bill to Congress was to grant mass amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Biden’s progressive deputies believe that borders are bad because they ‘discriminate’ against people.

Biden’s allies in business want more consumers, renters, and wage-cutting employees, while his Democratic Party base wants welfare clients and dependent voters.”