Dwayne Johnson Calls Out Wax Museum for Lightening His Skin Tone


Dwayne Johnson announced on Instagram he would be reaching out to Musee Grevin after the museum in Paris unveiled a wax figure that was a mess of the Hollywood A-list star. The museum unveiled a light-skinned figure of Johnson earlier this month, complete with an outfit reminiscent of a suburban father. Johnson wears that kind of attire almost never. The wax figure immediately drew comparisons with Mr. Clean. Johnson then re-shared a video by comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr. where the wax figure is roasted.

“You know Black a– Samoan The Rock? That’s how Paris thinks he looks,” Jefferson Jr., says in the video. “They turned The Rock into a pebble!… It looks like The Rock has never seen the sun a day in his life… You make the rock look like David Beckham. It looks like The Rock is going to be a part of the royal family. Did y’all even Google him?”

Johnson wrote, “Knew that my boy James Andre Jefferson Jr. was roasting this Rock wax sculpture,” in the caption to the video. “For the record, I’m going to have my team contact our friends at Grevin Museum, Paris France to work on ‘updating” my wax figure with some important improvements and details — starting with my color. Next time I visit Paris, I will stop by and have a drink alone.

Today reported that the wax figure was a disaster, leaving many Johnson fans in shock. On social media, one person said “Yikes!” It’s not the Rock. Maybe his stuntman. Another fan commented, “Why white wax him?”

Another Johnson supporter asked, “Who is this? You know he is Samoan and Black right?”

Johnson, who is currently on strike for being a SAG-AFTRA member, will release “Red One”, his Amazon/MGM holiday movie later this year. He also produces the action-packed holiday tentpole that he stars in opposite Chris Evans.