Egypt Blames Israel for Border Closure at Rafah Crossing


Egypt’s Foreign Ministry accused Western media outlets on Friday of unfairly blaming Egypt when it closed the Rafah crossing.

In a short statement made on X by the ministry’s spokesperson, Israel was blamed for airstrikes in Rafah and for allegedly refusing to allow aid into the Gaza Strip.

Ahmed Abu Zeid, the spokesperson for Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, also accused Israel that it implied Egypt was blocking foreigners from leaving Gaza.

He posted: “Rafah is open, and Egypt is not responsible for obstructing the exit of third-country citizens.” He also said, “Tomorrow is the day to change direction and awaken your conscience!!!”

The Egyptian authorities have repeatedly said that the border at Rafah was not closed, but that it is no longer functional due to damage caused by Israeli airstrikes.

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres visited the Rafah crossing border earlier today and called for international parties to join forces to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians.