Things Get Strange When Reporter Questions Ilhan Omar Over Calls for Ceasefire


Ilhan Omar has had a bad week that seems to keep getting worse.

She was caught spreading false news about “child genocide” and Israel allegedly committing “ethnic cleansing” because it was alerting Gazan civilians that they may want to evacuate. She also had to retract an inflammatory Tweet where she falsely claimed that the IDF “bombed” a Gaza Hospital, which was later determined to be a misfired Hamas missile that exploded nearby in a parking lot by military analysts/experts.

Omar has used social media and private channels to communicate with her friends and family since Hamas began the war on Israel almost two weeks ago. She portrays herself as a victim and avoids public appearances to avoid being scrutinized.

On Friday, however, the statements she made in which she called for a “ceasefire”, caught up with her when Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn asked her repeatedly about her position and whether it was her view that Israel should just lay down its arms and continue to be terrorized by Hamas terrorists.

The strange thing was that, instead of answering Vaughn, Omar jumped in an elevator, declaring her to be “crazy” and telling Vaughn’s handlers to ignore Vaughn, who was standing at the door of the elevator waiting for a response that never came.

“Congresswoman you have called for a ceasefire — Are you okay with Hamas terrorists still existing?” Hillary Vaughn, a correspondent for CNN, asked Omar the question in the halls on Capitol Hill.

Do you believe that Israel should lay down its arms and stop trying to remove the hostages from Gaza? Vaughn continued pressing. How can Israel reach a ceasefire with terrorists whose sole mission is to eliminate their existence?

Omar was silent as she answered each question until Vaughn entered the elevator entrance, stopping the doors from closing.

Omar told the woman to ignore her and not worry about her.


Omar won’t answer because she knows people will see through what the Hamas Caucus means by “ceasefire”. It means that the Israeli military ceases to fight and defend its residents, while Hamas continues to kidnap, rape, and kill innocent people with Iran’s blessing.

Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush are the only two Squad members to have actually said what they meant by “ceasefire”. Omar, however, has not done so. Her refusal to explain her position and her order to her staff to ignore the reporter’s questions about it confirms my opinion of her position on Israel’s right to self-defense.

In other words, silence is violence.

Your rules, Democrats. Your rules.