Ellen DeGeneres Announces Departure from Hollywood


Ellen DeGeneres will be leaving the public spotlight after her Netflix special.

DeGeneres revealed that she’s quitting Hollywood during her “Ellen’s Last Stand…Up”, a stop she made in Santa Rosa, California earlier this month. She did so after a fan inquired if she planned to go into filmmaking or Broadway.

According to SFGate, DeGeneres responded “No” when asked. This is the last time I’ll see you. “I’m done after my Netflix special.” According to People, DeGeneres’ comedy special will premiere later this year.

She said, “I appreciate that you still care.” I’ll let you know what has happened since we last met. “I got chickens.”

Ellen joked, “Oh yeah, and I was kicked out of the show business because I was mean.”

She joked, “Next time I’ll get kicked out because I’m old.” “Old gay and mean is the triple crown.”

Ellen then talked about how her perception of fame has evolved since she began her career.

“I used to say, ‘I don’t care what people say about me,’” DeGeneres said, according to SFGate. “Now I realize I said that during the height of my popularity.”

DeGeneres said later, “I’m many things but I’m not mean.”

DeGeneres’ representative did not immediately reply to our comment request.

Degeneres spoke out in April about the toxic scandal at work that has ruined her career and her reputation for 2020.

The former host of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in Los Angeles reflected during a stand-up performance at the time on being “kicked out of show business” because she was “mean.”

What else can I say to you? Rolling Stone reports that she sarcastically told her fans. “Oh yeah, I got kicked out from show business.” “There’s no bad people in showbiz.”

The Ellen Degeneres show was rocked not only by explosive accusations of a toxic workplace but also by several former employees’ testimonials about sexually inappropriate behaviors by the ousted producers. According to reports, one producer was also at the center of the complaints about poor workplace culture.

After a year of brutal headlines, DeGeneres’ reputation was damaged. She announced the end of the show in 2021. The final episode was broadcast in May 2022.