Elon Takes on ‘Legacy Media,’ Teases More to Come That Will Tarnish Their Reputation


We have seen the reaction of the left and liberal media to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and his support for free speech.

If you are a champion of free speech, you mean you support all people’s right to speak. Not just those with whom you agree. That’s exactly how it was with old Twitter: allowing the liberal narrative to be told and then suspending anyone who seriously challenged it. Because they were happy with this, the liberal media accepted it.

Many liberal media tried to minimize or ignore the revelations in the Twitter Files that showed the government’s coordination in suppressing speech on Twitter. Musk has not stopped commenting on the questions that must be asked about Dr. Anthony Fauci, just as he did before.

Hope King, CNBC’s Squawk Box reporter and Axios business correspondent, went after him, claiming that his actions regarding Twitter had put his reputation in “peril.”

“All of the macro circumstances are against him. Year-over-year, $TSLA’s market share is declining. His Twitter reputation is affecting his reputation in all his companies.

Andrew Sorkin, co-anchor, claimed that even Musk would admit that he made a mistake when he bought Twitter. I doubt he said this. King stated that Musk was not “holding up his end” of the Twitter deal.

Musk’s “end-of-the-deal” was to improve free speech on the platform. He has done a fantastic job at this despite the attacks by Democrats and the media. Look at all the anger coming from the media. They should care about free speech but prefer to attack Musk than recognize what he is trying to do. King said, “He’s speaking too much.” Is that an issue? It’s great that someone is finally speaking. It’s a wonderful thing to see transparency about all issues on the platform and the revelations in Twitter Files. He exposes all the problems that were hidden for so many years. This is one reason Twitter is back online and driving more people to it. If media have a problem in transparency, it could be a problem within that media.

Others also noted that this was a poor take, as they were trying to view Tesla stock in a vacuum.

However, if the media believed Musk would be distracted by the attacks or stop transparency, they were wrong. Musk replied, “The legacy media should be concerned about its reputation.” We have just begun.”

This point points to another problem legacy media have with him: Twitter itself is a news source that’s more reliable than legacy media. Their reputation has been hurt and will continue to be hurt by things like these.

Squawk Box’s attack received 5,971 likes. Musk’s response received more than 167,000 likes. This is a very small indication of the extent to which Musk’s reputation is in doubt.

He is more determined than ever to fight them.