MSNBC Host ‘Shocked And Appalled’ Her Kids Passed On COVID Boosters


MSNBC’s host was “shocked” and “appalled” to hear that her children had declined COVID-19 boosters.

“I had a strange conversation last night with my 16-year old and my 22-yearold. I said, “Okay, I booked your in for COVID updates. You’re both back for holidays. You’re going to get boosters.” Both of them replied, “No, we don’t want to.” Katty Kay shared her thoughts with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel about “Morning Joe”: “We’ve had enough vaccines, and we don’t believe we need them,”

Kay asked Emanuel, “How could you? I was shocked and appalled. But is this the kinda response you’re getting from young people now, that they think the worst is over and don’t need any vaccines?”

In October, Joseph A. Ladapo, the Florida State Surgeon General, warned about COVID-19 vaccines. He claimed that there was an increase in cardiac problems among men aged 18 to 39.

According to a release by the Florida Department of Health, “This analysis showed that there was an 84% increase of the relative incidence of heart-related deaths among males aged 18-39 within 28 days after mRNA vaccination.” The Oct. 7 release stated. The benefit of vaccination may be outweighed by the abnormally high rate of cardiac-related deaths among men in this age bracket, which has a high global immunity to COVID-19. These increased risks were not seen in non-mRNA vaccines.

Friday’s signing of the 2023 defense bill by President Joe Biden ended the COVID-19 mandate for military personnel.