Enes Kanter Freedom Dismisses LeBron’s Milestone: Integrity Over 40,000 Points


James has reached 40K points on Saturday night.

Enes Kanter Freedom criticized LeBron on Sunday after the Los Angeles Lakers star had scored 40,000 points in his career against the Denver Nuggets at the weekend.

Freedom, who had been critical of James’s failure to criticize China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims, and his relationship with Nike, referred to the NBA player’s integrity.

Freedom wrote: “Integrity is worth 40,000 points.”

LeBron James, forward of the Los Angeles Lakers, gestures in the first half during an NBA basketball match against the Denver Nuggets at the Los Angeles Forum on March 2, 2024.

“I see a lot of people who support child slavery in sweatshops but do not hesitate to talk about social justice whenever you want.”

Nike has been accused for years of using sweatshops to manufacture the products it sells around the world. The company stated modern slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking for the fiscal year 2023.

Nike stated: “NIKE is committed to ending forced labor, human slavery, and modern slavery and supports all national and international efforts in this regard. The Code of Conduct and Code Leadership Standards contain NIKE’s supplier requirements.”

The Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards that we expect suppliers to meet when producing NIKE products. It includes requirements regarding forced or child labor, excessive overtime, and compensation as well as freedom of association.

Enes Kanter attends the Algemeiner J100 50th Anniversary Gala at The Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City on November 29, 2022.

Nike has also described the practices it uses to reduce the risks in recruiting workers.

Freedom criticized James for surpassing Kareem Abd-Jabbar as the NBA’s All-Time Points Leader.

“38,388 Points. 0 Morals. 0 Values. 0 Principles. 0 Empathy. 1 Bow down to #China Congratulations @KingJames,” he wrote at the time.

James reached the 40,000-point mark by scoring 35 points against the Nuggets. However, Los Angeles lost to Denver 124 – 114.

LeBron James, forward of the Los Angeles Lakers, smiles as he scores during the first half of an NBA basketball match against the Denver Nuggets in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

James: “It was great to compete, knowing that I’m the first to do something in this league. Knowing the history of the league, and the greats who’ve come through it, is pretty cool.”

“But the most important thing for me is always to win and I was very disappointed that this had to be a loss.”