Ohio Senator Calls for Google ‘Breakup’ After Gemini Debacle


Google fixed its AI tool accused of bias against racial minorities and historical inaccuracies

One Republican senator has called for the “breakup of Google”, one of the world’s most profitable and well-known tech companies.

“This is the most dangerous company in the world. It actively encourages and forces a left-wing bias into the American nation’s throat,” said Sen. J.D. Vance, R. Ohio, in an exclusive interview with “Sunday Morning Futures”.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet’s tech giant, told employees on Tuesday that the company was working “round the clock” to correct the bias in the tool, and called the images produced by the model “completely unacceptable.”

Gemini has been accused by social media users of creating historical images that are inaccurate and sometimes replace White people with images of Blacks, Native Americans, and Asians.

Gemini has been tested several times to determine what it will say. When asked to display a White image, Gemini refused to do so because “it reinforces harmful stereotypes and makes generalizations based on race.”

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio called for the “breakup” of Google as a response to its alleged A.I. biases.

Sen. Vance elaborated on the impact of the alleged bias on other sectors of information, including politics.

The senator stated, “Think of the impact this will have on the presidential elections when non-committed, unbiased voters search for information about Donald Trump and Joe Biden right before they vote.”

He continued, “We cannot let a company in bed with the worst people on the planet control the flow and bias information in a leftist direction. We have to break up this company and restore some common sense.”

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The senator said that there is “growing support” for legislative action against Google across the political spectrum, stating it has become “too powerful, too big.”

Maria, my friends on the left say that they believe our democracy is in danger. Vance stated that the biggest threat to our democracy comes from these large, multinational companies that are controlling what we believe, read, and consume.

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“That’s an enormous problem, I do believe that the pressure to control Google will grow,” he said. “We saw it with the release Gemini. This is a radical left-wing firm that wants to control the way we consume information. We will get what we deserve if we allow this to happen.”

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), wrote to Alphabet on Saturday demanding the company clarify whether the Biden Administration influenced Gemini’s A.I. error.