Ex-CIA Agents Dominate Censorship Efforts at Facebook, Social Media Giant ‘Swarming With Spooks’


Twitter Files showed how closely the FBI was involved in social media. They worked with top executives to demand censorship of accounts, posts and stories. This privilege was even paid by the company.

Twitter isn’t the only social media platform.

Mint Press News Senior Staff Writer Alan MacLeod has been writing extensively about the staggering number of ex-intelligence officer working at Twitter, TikTok, and Meta (parents to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp). He published his article “Meet The Ex-Cia Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy” in July. After the Twitter revelations, it’s worth revisiting.

MintPress discovered Facebook had hired dozens of people from its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other agencies, including many from the FBI and Department of Defense (DoD). The hires were mostly in politically sensitive areas such as security, trust, and content moderation. It might be difficult for some to tell the difference between Facebook and the U.S. security states. RedState’s own scriff made an interesting point Monday.

This author previously reported on TikTok’s flood of NATO officials and how ex-FBI agents abound at Twitter. All of these are absurd considering the scale of Facebook Infiltration.

Facebook is, short, overflowing with spooks.

DailyMail decided to look for ex-intel personnel MacLeod mentioned on Thursday. These are Meta’s employees.

Aaron Berman was a senior analytic supervisor for the CIA. He resigned in July 2019 and took up a position at Meta as a senior policy manger.

Deborah Berman was a data intelligence analyst at CIA for a decade before she was promoted to trust and safety manager at Meta.

Kris Rose was a variety of intelligence positions before joining Meta’s Oversight Board in March 2020.
Bryan Weisbard is a former intelligence officer with the CIA and is now the director of trust safety security, data privacy

Scott Stern: CIA Targeting Officer now serving as senior manager for risk intelligence
Mike Torrey was a senior analyst at the CIA. He resigned in September 2018 so that he could take up the role of security engineer investigator for threat assessments.
Amazingly, this list could go on forever. You get the idea.

This is an extremely serious problem. We shouldn’t allow information experts to lead misinformation efforts at social media companies to stop bad guys such as North Koreans and Russians. MacLeod offers a solution:

The problem is that having ex-CIA staff running the largest news and information platform in the world is only one step away from the agency deciding what content you see online – all this without public oversight.

If you challenged social media censorship since COVID’s inception, you were called a conspiracy theorist, or a “tinfoil-hat lunatic”. “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” Even if they say they don’t engage in onlinecensorship, that doesn’t mean they aren’t.

The Twitter files clearly demonstrate that intelligence agencies are censoring ordinary Americans. Meta’s staff composition shows that Facebook, and other social media platforms, are also doing the same.