Elon Puts McConnell and Schumer on Blast over Omnibus Bill


Elon Musk seems not only to have added more common sense to social media via Twitter, but he is also driving the left crazy by being open about it.

He is commenting on Twitter and politics in general, as well as the massive boondoggle Omnibus bill. He asked people to vote for the bill in a poll. The bill didn’t go as planned.

71.2 percent said “no”, and 28.8% said “yes”. It’s funny what polls reveal when they aren’t being bombarded by leftist robots. A Twitter poll is not scientific, it’s obvious. However, in this instance, it is likely to give a good indication of the public’s opinion about the bill and how Congress has approached it with 3,111,041 votes.

Musk pointed out that any member of Congress who approved of this could not have read it, as it contains over 4000 pages. Nevertheless, Democrats and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY), were all on board.

Musk stated that he supports a small bill to get through the holidays. However, Musk claimed that “railroading through an enormous spending bill that almost nobody has read is unlikely” to be in the public’s best interests.

Musk stated that “Guaranteed”, not one voter for the legislation has read it all. Musk stated, “If we added this basic requirement, legislation will improve dramatically in favor the people.” It would be too common for someone to not have read it before they vote. But, it would take too much common sense. They’ve been doing it so long that they pretend it’s normal and doesn’t harm anyone.

Musk then slammed McConnell and Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, as they claimed that the public was against it.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R.MO) stated, “Preach.” Conservative activist Scott Presler suggested that no member of Congress should vote on a bill without reading every word. Justin Amash, a former member of Congress, said, “Hell no. Even ignoring the fact that the bill contains many terrible measures, how can Congress ethically pass something they will not be able to review? It is a violation of fiduciary duty towards the American people.”

This bill contains all leftist agenda items such as “equity” or environmental items. It even includes $2 billion towards Jan. 6-related prosecutions.

It’s hilarious that the left wants to claim his poll on stepping down is valid. But polls such as this one aren’t valid and should be ignored. These meltdowns are quite funny, and liberal media members are concerned that Musk asks McConnell to pay more attention to the American people.

Although it may not be scientifically sound, such media members just want to reject it. It is funny how they only want feedback that they are comfortable with.