Ex-Fed Peter Strzok Insists Russian Collusion Investigation Was Honest


Peter Strzok, the appallingly partisan ex-FBI Agent who was fired after his determination to thwart Donald Trump’s presidential run was revealed and who smirked arrogantly his way through a notorious congressional hearing in 2018, is the appallingly crooked former FBI agent. He has now, as expected, come out in opposition to the Durham report. This report shows how corrupt the FBI was when Strzok, and others, worked to frame President Trump for a crime that he did not commit. Strzok, a corruptocrat who has been in office for a very long time, is working as hard to undermine the report now as he did to undermine Trump.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that after four years of research “Durham’s 316 page report found that the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for Russia Collusion was a lack of analytical rigor and had an apparent confirmation bias. It also showed a willingness to rely too much on information provided by individuals who were connected to political rivals.”

Strzok was defiant, despite the evidence. He said that the investigation should never have been launched. We saw today’s results, and it is clear that he did not come up with any evidence.

Durham concluded that both the Justice Department and the FBI had failed to adhere to their mission to maintain strict fidelity to law, in relation to certain events and activities detailed in the report. And Peter Strzok was one of those who made a mockery out of the FBI mission.

Fox reports that Strzok “was fired from the FBI because of perceived bias towards Trump during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.” Strzok sent anti-Trump messages in 2016 that were found out in 2018. Strzok said to Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer that Strzok worked for, that “we will not allow” Trump to be president. He did his best even though he privately acknowledged that the entire Russian Collusion case was weak. Durham’s report says: “Our investigation gathered proof that showed a few people close to the investigation thought that the standard arguably hadn’t been met. Even Strzok who drafted the opening EC (electronic communications) said there was nothing to it but we had to run it down to ground. It would appear that his view dictates the opening of this matter, or at most a preliminary inquiry.”

Strzok’s cynicism, and dishonesty have been exposed by the Durham Report. But he still sticks to his original story, with the same tenacity as the Leftists of the 1950s, who insisted Alger Hiss, the Communist spy, was innocent, even though overwhelming evidence had already been gathered against him, and he was duly convicted. Strzok says that the original allegation “was extraordinarily serious.” It was a potential threat to national security in the United States and it deserved a full investigation. The IG [Inspector-General] determined that it was in compliance with DOJ and FBI rules and regulations, and after years of independent investigations, concluded that there were no testimonials or documentary evidence to suggest that anyone acted inappropriately or with bias.” Peter, why were you fired?

Strzok added, “It was definitely worth opening.” I was in favor of opening it. I wrote the first EC. The investigation should have been open and as proof, look at the people who were found to be guilty during the special counsel Mueller’s probe. Strzok was aware that the central claim made against Trump was false.

Durham wrote: “FBI records, prepared by Strzok between February and March 2017, show that, at the time the FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane, it had no information that anyone from the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence officials at any point during the campaign.”

Peter Strzok is the epitome of corruption and bias in today’s FBI. Shut it Down!