Expert Warns: Biden’s Policies Driving China and Russia Into Startling Partnership


Experts warned that President Biden had made his “biggest blunder yet” by driving China into a strategic partnership with Russia through his faulty policy. This was as Xi met Putin in Beijing to strengthen bilateral ties.

Michael Pillsbury, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argued that the “shocking relationship” between the two nuclear powers would never have occurred under Trump’s administration.

Pillsbury said to co-host Brian Kilmeade, “Basically…we are seeing what Trump tried to do with China when he called him Tariff Man to get leverage to China to help us in various ways,” on Thursday.

“That is not going to happen with Biden. And to push, to pull together two nuclear powers, Russia and China, that’s a mistake of the highest order. It’s shocking to me that they have come together in this way. The Russians built up a million troops on the Chinese border. It’s the biggest mistake I’ll ever see.”

Pillsbury made his comments as Russian President Vladimir Putin met Xi Jinping in Beijing to improve bilateral relations and gain additional support for the war in Ukraine.

Putin’s two-day visit began on Thursday. Both countries claim to want to end the war in Ukraine.


Pillsbury stated that “This would not happen under Trump”. This is a huge mistake, I believe, by Biden’s people to bring Russia and China closer together. Trump wanted to prevent this from happening.

China, meanwhile, has threatened “resolute” measures against the United States as a retaliation to Biden’s recently announced tariffs of $18 billion on Chinese imports.

White House: The new measures include a 25% increase on the tariff rate for electric vehicles this year, along with increases on tariffs within “strategic” sectors such as steel, aluminum, and semiconductors.

“China heavily subsidized all these products. This forced Chinese companies to produce more than what the rest of the world could absorb. Then, dumping excess products on the market at unfairly low prices and driving out other manufacturers worldwide,” Biden said in a speech Tuesday at the White House.

John Ullyot, a former Trump national security aide, argued that the summit between Putin & Xi was a clear “show of strength” against the United States. Both countries are facing increasing tensions with Western nations.

Ullyot, who spoke on Thursday, said that the sanctions were a “show of force” in that they are a rebuke against the West. “But it’s also a sign of increasing access between Russia and China. Where… Russia is no longer able to export oil and gas to Western Europe. So now they have to look for other markets. And of course, their biggest market is China.

He continued, “There is a pipeline out there that’s on hold. They want to get approval from the pipeline that runs through Mongolia in North Russia.” “But this is more than anything else… a demonstration that Russia can work with China to counter the sanctions that have been placed on Russia and also achieve financial and currency stabilization.”

The tariff increases come after former president Donald Trump imposed duties on thousands of Chinese products in 2018 and 2019. This was in response to an inquiry that found China violated U.S. Intellectual Property laws and forced American companies to transfer sensitive technology to Chinese firms to gain access to China’s markets.