Woman Attacked by Raging Bull on Mexican Beach, Tourists’ Screams Fill the Air


The video shows a wild bull attacking a woman on a popular Mexican Beach, while panicked bystanders screamed in horror.

The woman tries to grab her bags from the beast, but the animal charges and rams the bag six times. Cabo San Lucas, a popular tourist destination on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula at the southernmost tip, is a resort town.

The video shows the black animal under a canopy, with a woman feeding it food out of a bag. She then feeds the animal from a bowl.

The woman, dressed in a loose-fitting dress and a beach hat, appears unperturbed at the potential dangers of the bovine. Bulls are known for being aggressive and can weigh over 2,000 pounds, depending on their breed.

The bull is seen in the clip trotting away after spotting the woman’s bags.

She then faces the beast to try to retrieve the bags, as one man yells “You’re playing with it now.”


The onlooker shouts, “Please do not do that!”

He yells “Please get out” as the bull devours the bags. One beachgoer calls the woman “a moron” for refusing to leave.

The woman, who has not been identified by the crowd, drops her hands as the group continues to warn her away from the bull and turns her back to the predator. It’s almost like she is giving up her mission to retrieve the bags.

The video shows that the bull lowered its head, charged at the woman, and drove its head into her side, making her fall to the sand.

She stands up but the bull charges and appears to hit her with its horn, which causes her to collapse to the sand once more.

The woman is then on her hands and knees, with her back facing the bull. It pushes her forward, as the others on the beach watch in horror.

“We tried to f—ing tell you,” the man shouts as the bull continues its onslaught, ramming the woman several more times across the sand.

A woman who appeared to be part of the same group then came to her assistance and tried to throw a bucket full of water at the bull. The bull eventually moved away.

The woman can get up and walk away despite the attack. The extent of her injuries is unknown.

Torres Garcia of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone told the local newspaper El Sudcaliforniano that the beach is near several ranches, which means close encounters with cattle are common in the area.

He also said that tourists have been known to feed donkeys.

Garcia stated, “A donkey could bite someone, causing a similar situation to the bull attack.”