Explosive Tell-All Exposes Kamala’s Troubles as VP, Unveiling Strained Relationship with Jill Biden


“Amateur Hour: Kamala at the White House” is set to be released on Tuesday, and it looks intriguing.

According to Simon & Schuster, the book will reveal how inept Kamala was as vice president of the United States.

Who is Kamala Harris? How did she become the second most powerful person in the United States? There has never been a thorough examination of Kamala Harris’s journey from San Francisco socialite to Vice President. Discover how the San Francisco socialite-turned-politico quickly climbed the ranks of national politics, only to lose her supporters and president.

Simon & Schuster says that Charlie Spiering will be the first to provide a deep dive on Kamala Harris’s funny, incompetent journey to Vice President. It’s popcorn time!

Already, some snippets of the code have been leaked.

According to the book, it focuses on Jill Biden and Joe Biden’s strained relationship. He will also run for President in ’24 because he doesn’t think Kamala is ready.

Four years after the historic presidential election, a new expose sheds light on Kamala’s frosty relationship with Joe Biden as well as the President’s and First Lady Jill’s inability or unwillingness to trust the Vice President.

He says that “Kamala”, his wife, is not up to the job and the family does not want her to succeed him.

Harris’ situation gets even worse. According to Spiering, Biden didn’t even want her.

According to the book, Biden’s first pick as his running mate in 2020 was Gretchen Whitmer. At the time, she was newly elected Governor of Michigan. However, the first lady ‘fought against Harris” in favor of Susan Rice. Rice is Barack Obama’s close confidante and national security adviser in his administration.

Biden couldn’t choose Whitmer, because he was stuck in identity politics. He had promised to only choose a black woman.

Spiering claims former President Barack Obama was responsible for pushing Kamala Harris towards Biden, even though Harris had called him a racist on live TV during a 2019 primary debate.

You can tell if someone is racist if they begin a sentence with “I don’t think you are racist.”

According to the tell-all, Jill’s response to Biden’s choice was “Go f*** yourself.”

Even though Jill is not able to let Kamala leave, which she doesn’t seem to be — it appears — the Bidens can’t ignore what a poor choice Kamala has been:

She claims that Kamala was “on everyone’s minds” at the White House due to her many struggles and mistakes. These include her ‘thin-skinned outrage’ and ‘perceived complaints at every turn’. She compares the VP’s Office to a subway turntable, where unhappy staffers are constantly exuded and refusing to be team players.

Kamala’s approval rating is even lower than Joe’s. She may drag down a struggling ticket, and Americans will vote her out on Election Day.

I may be found reading it on Tuesday next to the fire.