Sen. Tim Scott Pops the Question with Stunning Beach Proposal, Announces Engagement


Tim Scott, former GOP presidential candidate, and South Carolina senator Tim Scott had a very busy weekend. Scott officially endorsed Donald Trump, his former opponent in the GOP presidential primary, on Friday. Scott proposed to Mindy Noce, his girlfriend, on Kiawah Island in South Carolina, on Saturday. She said “Yes.”

Scott, then 58, introduced his girlfriend to the world after the third GOP Presidential debate in November. As Sister Toldjah had reported at the time,

Scott did reveal in May that there was a woman in his life. However, he kept mum about the details. This is understandable because a) this is his business and b), mud can be thrown at any candidate on any given day.

The mystery woman was spotted on the stage with Scott, where they took pictures and held each other’s hands. This sent the media scrambling for information.

Politico, who also told you about the “experts” who examined DeSantis’ boots, got on the case to find out who the woman was.

The campaign official confirmed that the woman in the audience was Scott’s girlfriend and that her name was Mindy. Online research points to Mindy Noce as an interior designer from the Charleston area and a mother of three.

Scott, a bachelor of 58 years, confirmed to reporters after the debate that he brought his girlfriend with him. The two had been dating for “about a month.”

After much speculation, he has been confirmed as a single man.

Scott posted the good news to social media on Sunday evening.

Scott, who has always been clear that his faith is at the center of his life included a Proverbs verse with the announcement. “He who finds a wife finds good and receives favor from the Lord.” – Proverbs18:22

Scott shared the same news with his fellow South Carolinian Trey Gowdy, on “Sunday Night in America.”

Scott said to Gowdy that he wanted to ensure that the sacredness of that day was not disturbed by any political issues. He was referring to his conversations with Donald Trump, former president, for an endorsement.

Scott, a presidential hopeful in the race for 2024, introduced Noce in a November debate. The two met in church about a year before and became close over Bible study.

Scott also shared his thoughts on the challenges of making big changes in your private life while being a public person.

Scott, who describes himself as an introvert, said that he was uncomfortable about having a conversation with his partner. “But it’s exciting, and I will make Jesus my Lord,” he added in an interview on Sunday.

He said, “I have been patient and prayed, I am really excited and somewhat nervous, and I could not be more grateful for having found someone who shares many of the same passions, interests, and goals as I do.”

Noce, an interior designer from the Charleston area and mother of three, who had been previously married, has been spotted at a Mt. Pleasant, S.C. wearing an engagement ring.

Scott is still on the list of candidates being considered as possible vice presidential nominees for Trump. Congratulations are due in either case.