FBI Abuses Impact All Americans from Every Angle


It has been known for a long time that the FBI is a corrupt organization, which authoritarians from both sides have used to impose the will of their party on us. They used the FBI as a weapon against those who opposed their rule. This is not based on a simple political affiliation per se, as many of us were led to believe.

The FBI is focusing on those who are anti-government, whether they are on either the right or left.

More information has been revealed that reveals more FBI malfeasance.

The New York Times has published a report that details how the Bureau illegally surveilled Americans during the George Floyd Riots and the Jan. 6, 2020 riots at the United States Capitol Building. The report states:

F.B.I. analysts improperly used a warrantless surveillance program to search for information about hundreds of Americans who came under scrutiny in connection with two politically charged episodes of civil unrest: the protests after the 2020 police killing of George Floyd and the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, a newly declassified court ruling shows.

The F.B.I. Since then, restrictions have been tightened. The disclosure of these misuses will likely provide ammunition to critics from both sides of the political spectrum who are trying to convince Congress to renew the program.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act contains Section 702, which allows the U.S. Government, more specifically the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation to monitor communications of individuals outside of the United States. This is done for intelligence purposes. Section 702 allows the government to access emails, text messages, and other electronic communications, without a warrant. This applies even if it involves American citizens or residents.

It allows the monitoring of communications between foreigners and Americans. Section 702 is criticized by critics for raising concerns over civil liberties and privacy since it allows the collection of communications from Americans during foreign surveillance operations.

The Bureau is guilty of violating the Fourth Amendment by using Section 702 at will. A report released earlier this month showed that FBI warrantless surveillance had decreased, but still occurred at a rate that is not accidental.

Recent disclosures of misuse of warrantless surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have once again brought to light a disturbing reality: the Bureau violates rights across the political spectrum. The agency has been targeting conservatives as well as progressives, and this goes beyond warrantless monitoring.

You’ve probably heard about FBI agents and informants who infiltrated right-wing groups during J6. Apparently, some of these informants actively encouraged people who were involved in the Capitol riot to participate so that they could use it as a pretext to arrest and convict them. The agency also did this with the group that tried to kidnap Michigan Governor. Gretchen Whitmer is a Democrat. The Bureau basically hatched the plan and encouraged the suspects to attempt the kidnapping.

The FBI did not only carry out these operations against right-wingers. The FBI did the same thing to leftist groups and individuals during George Floyd’s riots. The Intercept published reports that detailed how the Bureau used a violent felon to infiltrate protest groups against police brutality following the murder of George Floyd. They were not the ones who were rioting or vandalizing properties, but they were participating in First Amendment-compliant demonstrations. The informant tried to get some protesters to commit a plot against a public figure, among other crimes, to give the FBI an excuse to arrest them. The report can be read here.

Here are a few examples of how the FBI targets Americans from all political backgrounds, especially those who may have anti-government views that do not fit the mainstream.

These revelations are a wake-up to Americans. They challenge the belief that the FBI targets one political party over another. Recognizing the FBI’s abuses both on the left and right could pave the way to potential solutions for this systemic issue. The challenge is to overcome the divisive tactics used by the authoritarian media and government elites who are determined to keep conservatives from forming coalitions with progressives along racial and political lines.

The FBI’s misuse of Section 702 to conduct investigations into individuals involved in both the George Floyd demonstrations and the Capitol Riot is indicative of an underlying issue. This shows that the Bureau has violated both the rights of the left and right.

The FBI, by violating the law’s limitations and not complying with its restrictions, has compromised the civil liberties and privacy of Americans, regardless of their political affiliation. This pattern of misconduct undermines the trust in an institution that is tasked with protecting the rights of citizens and upholding the laws.

The widespread belief that the FBI targets only one side of politics while shielding the others is a significant barrier to addressing the FBI’s violations. Hyperpartisanship has become a norm in the media and in the political discourse, which has led to a culture where people do not believe that those who disagree with their views will be targeted by the government. They may assume that abuses are justified even when they see the federal government targeting their political opponents.

The FBI’s transgressions transcend ideological boundaries. This reality is essential to foster a nuanced understanding and to unite Americans from all political backgrounds to demand accountability.

It is possible that if more Americans are made aware of FBI abuses, on both sides of politics, they will come to a consensus and take collective action in finding solutions. Truthfully, the violation of rights has nothing to do with right or left. It is not about right and left, but rather the elites of Teams Red or Blue against us. The idea that Americans might finally realize this and wake up terrifies the people who want to expand their power while keeping us hopelessly polarized.

Open discussions and dialogue between people with different political views can help to bridge the divide and galvanize the efforts needed to tackle the systemic issues within the federal government. The question is, are Americans ready to awaken?