John Fetterman Has Turned the US Senate Into a Rehab Facility


John Fetterman has returned to work in the US Senate and things are not going well. RedState reported that a recent performance by Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman in a committee went so poorly, the press printed false quotes to try and clean up the mess.

It’s good to see Fetterman back at work, however little he does it. It’s a lot better than the time he spent recently in a mental hospital for severe depression. But I’m still not sure that turning the US Senate in to a rehab center is the best idea.

The mainstream media deems it a great thing. The Associated Press published a piece of puff writing that illustrates this perfectly.

John Fetterman, Pennsylvania Senator, was known for his formal suits and stone-faced walk through the Senate before he checked himself into the hospital in February due to clinical depression. He’s now back to the gym shorts and hoodies he wore before he became senator.

Fetterman’s solution is to vote from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or side entrance. He makes sure that his “yay” or “nay” are recorded before ducking back out. He uses the doorway to the Democratic Cloakroom, or the side entry. He makes sure that his “yay or “nay”, is recorded and then ducks back out. Between votes, Fetterman wore his hoodie to a press conference, where he was joined by four Democratic colleagues dressed in suits. Fetterman, who is 6’8″, towered over them.

Let’s just take a moment to talk about the ridiculousness of that first paragraph. The AP claims that he walked through the Senate halls with a stone-faced look and in formal suits, as if he were some storied statesman who had been working in the halls for decades. Fetterman only wore suits a few days before his first hospital visit. It is pathetic how the media pretends that this was a hardship.

The second paragraph is worse. Fetterman, who is obsessed with dressing up according to the Senate dress code (which basically says “don’t look like a slob”), won’t appear in the Senate during voting. He literally shouts his votes in the hallway. All this so he could wear gym shorts, a hoodie and look like an oppressed teen.

It’s not normal, no matter what spin the media tries to put on it. Adults don’t behave that way. Adults don’t behave that way.

Consider that. Is Fetterman really so fragile that he cannot dress better than the average hobo? If he’s that fragile, what is he doing as a senator in the US? He should resign so that he can concentrate on his family and health.

The Senate should not be a rehabilitation facility. The Senate is not meant to be a place in which we treat our members like children and let them prance about in gym shorts and hoodies while skirting rules. Fetterman has a problem with forming sentences correctly, which leaves witnesses confused during hearings. It is absurd to continue to accommodate his emotional issues. Is there no standard anymore?