FBI Issues Unapologetic Response to Durham Report


John Durham’s special counsel report on FBI and DOJ misconduct in the investigation of supposed Trump-Russian collusion was released. What was found was shocking, if not unexpected.

Crossfire Hurricanes had no evidence to support them. Fusion GPS was the only source of unverified “intelligence”, that the FBI received. Instead of closing the investigation due to the lack of probable cause, the FBI pressed on, trying to trap Donald Trump and force an investigation by a special counsel.

Robert Mueller has spent years hounding the Trump administration on this front. Ironically, the damage was not caused by anything Mueller reported or found. It was rather the constant deluge of illegal leaks that sought to portray Trump as some sort of Kremlin agent. These lies, meant to appear authoritative, played a part in Trump’s defeat in the 2020 elections.

The FBI released a shameless statement as a response to the Durham Report.

What “corrective measures” did the FBI actually take to make amends for the mistakes made with Crossfire Hurricane, which eventually led to the Mueller investigation? Answer: Nothing of any value. Wray claimed that he had implemented new policies after assuming the presidency, but these policies alone are not sufficient. The policies also do not seem to work very well, given that the FBI remains a hotbed for partisan activities.

But the bigger issue is individual accountability. Only a few people lost their jobs because Trump forced them to be fired. No one in the FBI has ever been fired for their involvement in Crossfire Hurricane. It is difficult to understand, given that it was the most grotesque and impactful abuse by the government in modern American History, affecting the outcome of presidential elections.

It is absurd that the FBI would dismiss the Durham report by claiming it only revealed “mistakes”. These were not mistakes. They were part of a partisan campaign to bring down a president. Wray and other FBI leaders refuse to admit this, and because of that, it is impossible to trust them to solve the problem. The FBI does not provide the “rigor, objectivity, and professionalism” that the American people deserve. The FBI continues to act as a Democratic Party arm.

The only way to fix this is by completely dismantling both the FBI and DOJ. This is a major issue for any Republican candidate in 2024, and it’s already been raised by many. It is impossible to ignore the problem. To rebuild trust in institutions, we must remove the current rot. When the time comes, Wray must be the first to fall.